Saturday, August 17, 2013

The End of the Long Summer

I have really missed you, Blogging Friends.  I've been on a bit of an unannounced hiatus, haven't I?  I have spoken with AB Christine about her crumminess as a Blog Helper, for all the good it will do.

We have had a super-busy summer at the library, and I will do my very best to get everything caught up!  BUT, I'm going to work in reverse, since we had a bit of a ruckus here last night.

SOMEONE (or someones) thought it would be a Good Idea to have *ahem* a Teddy Bear Sleepover at my library.  Yes.  My staff invited complete and total strangers to spend the night in my HOME. 

How would you like it if someone invited a bunch of people to stay in YOUR home without your consent?  Yeah, that's about how much I liked the idea.

Well, all of the little buggers got dropped of between 3pm and 6pm yesterday.  They had to wear ID bands ('cause the can't remember their own names?) and their children signed permission slips so they could stay the night.  Here's the whole gang:

Notice that I am not in the photo.  I was NOT ready for a sleepover.  I was ready to sleep, which is very hard to do when there are eight barely-supervised (I'm talking about you, AAB Kathy) Stuffies running loose in the building.  Especially that Scooby one--he was LOUD going up and down the stairs!

Anyhoo, Benny, Chloe, Dotters, Hershy, Jellycat, Lola, Sad Panda, and Scooby-Dooby stayed overnight in the library (for the most part).  There were all sorts of Illegal Library Shenanigans going on, and I have the evidence to prove it!  See a slideshow of their activities below.

I decided that the Teddy Bear Sleepover wasn't a terrible idea after all, though it did interrupt my Handsome Sleep a bit.  I'll have to take a few extra naps today to recover.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Sunday--I can rest!

I hope you enjoyed our Teddy Bear Sleepover!  I'll try to upload some more pictures of ME next week.  AB Christine has a case of the Dumbs and can't seem to get any other photos to upload right now. 

I hope everyone is doing a-OK and has fantastic weekends!

Glad to be back in business,