Saturday, November 13, 2021

I am not a Circus Cat

 Barb L. just doesn't know when to quit.  I try to tell her that I'm just not a trick cat.  I ignore her, give her the cold shoulder, and try to express how much I don't want to be a trained circus cat.  But unfortunately for me, Barb is a very persuasive human. 

Which is why this happened:

Yes, that is a picture of me giving Barb a high five.  Of my own free will.  I think she was pretty happy I didn't hold out 11 1/2 months to finally cooperate with her on this trick.  

However, there are still some things I will NOT do.  
For example:
I will NOT jump through a hoop.  Even if it is a very nice embroidery hoop someone very nicely let Barb borrow for this humiliation   trick.  
Not gonna do it.  Nope.  

Why can't we just stick with the high five...

Barb's next task on her to-do list is to teach me to "speak" on command.  I'm looking forward to seeing how she will try to convince me to do that one, because I'm thinking I might need a whole lot more treats for a trick like that.  
Definitely not training for the circus,