Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I don't like it when. . .

. . . people upside-down me and make fart sounds on my belly.

I hear that some Cats like this, and purr and purr about it.

I am not one of them.

Disgruntled-ly yours,


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You don't bring me flowers. . .

My staff tries very, very hard to make me pose for pictures. They get these ideas, like "Let's get a picture of Tober with his Apple" or "Let's take a picture of Tober looking at birdies" or "Let's take a picture of Tober washing himself." The problem is, they almost always get these ideas when I'm napping, or having a snack, or. . .

Okay, so I'm usually napping or having a snack. The point is, they find something I sometimes like to do, but try to make me do it when I'm not in the mood to be doing it.


We had a Wedding at the Library on Saturday, which was Very Big Doings for me, since I was the only Library Staff Member on duty that evening. I snoopervised the proceedings (very quietly. . . I was advised that I shouldn't yell at them), and when they left, they left me flowers!

The flowers are very pretty and I thought it was very nice to leave them behind until a few Assistant (Assistant) Bosses got together and thought I should pose with flowers.

I am a Man-Cat. I should not pose with flowers. I should pose with dead mice and wrenches and plates of BBQ ribs and things. So they put me on the mantel with the flowers and here is what happened.

Here I do not really care about the flowers. I was sniffing for the Treat that they put next to the flowers to keep me from running away in embarrassment:

Here I really shocked 'em! You should have seen the looks I got when I started nibbling away!

Luckily they got bored (and a bit concerned with my digestion) after I ate on the flowers for a little bit, so the mantel part of the photo shoot ended pretty quickly. My photographer walked off and left me up there, and I had to jump down to the carpet. She took another picture of me looking pretty peeved, with more pretty flowers in the background:

Of course, the Library Staff was all excited about the pretty flowers, mostly because they're all ladies. Ladies like flowers, I hear. Maybe I should send a flower to Kumari? Hmmm.

Anyway, all the Staff like the flowers except for me and Ritchie, because we're Men. And Ritchie has to clean up the messy flower pieces when they fall off, and I wouldn't want to do that either.

Pffft to flowers (unless Kumari likes them),


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where in the world is Tober?

You can't see me!

No, really. . . you can't see me!

Okay. I guess maybe you can see me.

So you found me! Hooray for you! Now I can go back to watching the birdies in peace.

Yesterday morning was very not-busy at my Library. I think this was because the Outside was so nice. It was sunny, and the Library Staff did not come in wearing a lot of extra clothes like they do when it's cold out. The birdies seemed to have a Very Good Day, so I spent much of my morning watching them.

Assistant Boss Karen did not come to see me in the morning. I was frustrated at first. I kept looking around for her.

Here's a secret about me. The restrooms are right around the corner from my office. I hear the people go in (the doors make a sound that alerts me), so I wait for them to come out. I used to just do this to Karen. . . I will yell at her to come out, because I can't see her in there! (Humans do not put windows on bathrooms for some reason. Yet they take pictures of me washing and visiting my Box. Huh!)

So yesterday morning while I was napping I heard the restroom door shut. What if it was Karen and I missed her! What if I didn't greet her? Would she think we weren't Best Friends and Officemates anymore? So I stood outside the restroom door and meowed. I wanted to let her know I was waiting for her! I was happy she was home!

You know where this is going. I was NOT my Assistant Boss Karen. It was a nice lady and an itty-bitty girl. To be honest, I did the same thing to a nice man who visited the library on Friday. The Staff is starting to tease me about being a "Bathroom Stalker" who terrorizes customers.

Assistant Assistant Boss Christine played Apple Fetch with me yesterday morning. She is getting well-trained, too, although she grumbles a bit when she has to fetch the Apple from under the rocking chair in the corner.

Here I am getting fed up with her Treat Stinginess. I know the Apple is next to me, but I ALSO know that the treats are in her hand.

See my cup back there? Tober's Cup. Yep. That's my water!

Keeping an eye on Library business,


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A big date?

I am sorry I made everyone very sad by not posting for a while, but it has been busy busy here at the Thorntown Public Library, especially in the afternoons. My apple-tossing has become almost legendary, and I have had many visitors, big and small, who come to watch Karen fetch the little apple from the wastebasket (or floor).

Today I got tired of waiting for Karen to get the apple out of her drawer (I guess she thought she had more important things to do), so I got the apple out myself. I have had to do this twice today. I don't know what's going on with the work ethic around here, but things sure are slipping! I think I will address this at the next Staff Meeting!

I forgive Karen, though, because she brought me pictures of my beautiful girl-friend Kumari. Do you think maybe Kumari is getting cleaned up for a Big Date with me?

I got to try a wonderful, wonderful treat last week. Becki made something called Strawberry Short Cake, which the staff seemed to devour, but the best part is this white stuff she put on top of it. It's called Whipped Cream, and it tastes better than Paper! Better than Cords! Better than Catnip!

Okay, so NOT better than Catnip. . . but still, mighty tasty, and I hope there's lots more in my future! Here I am sampling (and liking):

The staff thinks that Whipped Cream is some kind of kitty caffeine because after I ate some I zipped up and down the stacks "like a fool"--NOT my words. I do everything very gracefully and in a dignified manner, so I don't know what they're talking about.

Glad to be back among the blogging,


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Looking for treats in all the right places. . .

So they thought they could hide the Treats from me. Huh!

I pawed at them for a while, and I was eventually rewarded for my Treat-hunting skills:

My Staff people have been better communicating my Treat-Intake during the day to cut down on Upset Tummy. My poor Custodian Ritchie very nicely cleans up my messes (with help from the rest of the Staff), but I'd rather not make them at all!

With visions of Whisker-Lickin's dancing in my head,


Sunday, April 5, 2009

My long-distance relationship

Hi everybody!

It's been another busy and exciting week and the Library. . . so busy, that I waited until all of the Staff got out of here so I can use a Computer to post on this blog. This week was Spring Break for the local students, so I got to see lots of people in my Library.

I have a new Fan in my Fan Club. The beautiful girl-cat, Kumari, lives at my old home with my Assistant Boss Karen. (If I still had my "stuff" I'd probably ask her out on a date!) Kumari is a Bengal cat. AB Karen was reading my blog at home one day when Kumari took notice of my Handsome Man-Catliness:

Unfortunately, she was looking at the somewhat embarrassing photo taken after I was attacked by an Evil Sticker Monster. Still, she seemed to think I was a nice-looking fellow. Poor Kumari tried to reach out and stroke my handsome face, not realizing that she was only looking at a picture of me:

I didn't know much about this beautiful Kumari-girl, although I had smelled a new cat-smell on my AB Karen over the last few weeks. I realize that many of my Staff have Personal House-Cats to help them cope with my absence while they are at home, anxiously awaiting their returns to Work (and to me).

Karen brought in pictures of Kumari so that other Staff members could see her, and that's when I first saw her. This is me saying YOWZA! She is One Hot Tamale!

Karen tells me that Kumari is a sweet, playful girl, and that she is adapting well to her new life at Karen's house. Unfortunately, Kumari has FIP, or Feline Infectious Peritonitis. (To read more about FIP, click on the linky.) She will need Medicines and Extra Loving Care to help her live a happy, long life. Karen is doing her Very Very Best to make sure that she is comfortable, loved, and happy. She is doing well for now, and we are hoping that she has lots of good times ahead of her. Kumari is not a blogging cat, but please keep her in your thoughts and purrs!

Smitten with a kitten,