Thursday, March 26, 2015

Looking for Trouble

The library staff here has pretty well Cat-proofed my library, locking away all of the sticker papers, gum wrappers, and silk flowers, and wrapping all of the ethernet cables in that atrocious Panduit wrap so I can't get my teeths into the cords.

So I have to look hard to find Trouble.

Well.  Today I found a cabinet door ajar in the Youth Department.  I hopped up on the very top of the cabinet so I could get my strong, mancatly paws in there and work the door open.

It was full of all kinds of interesting Stuff!

*sniff sniff*
Lookit all that paper for chewing!  Envelopes, cream-colored paper--cardstock, even!  But the best part is the roll of labels--complete with crunchy sticker paper backing--that my sensitive nose sniffed out.

*om nom*
I got a few good noms in while AAB Karen was photographing my antics.  You should definitely Biggify that picture--I look downright ferocious!  (Or maybe don't, if you're faint of heart.)

I only got one tasty sticker paper down the hatch, but now I know to keep an eye on the cabinet doors at the Youth circulation desk and check periodically for weaknesses.  Maybe they'll leave the door ajar one night when they go home for the day!!!

Finding trouble in all the right places,