Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hug Your Cat Day

I logged into Blogger to learn that, much to my horror, today is Bother Hug Your Cat Day.

I Googled just to confirm that this is true.

Hoo, boy.  AB Christine immediately thought that she should have all the staff Hug me so that she could take pictures for the blog.  I immediately told her No, Nope, No Way Jose.

So we looked through old pictures together to find pictures of me being Hugged.  There aren't many.  I usually look a little panicked/distressed in Hug photos.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
We actually had to go back to 2009-2010 to find these Hug pictures.  These are Strangers (though very nice ones!)--I'm usually a little more relaxed for staff Hugs.

Now, please don't be all sad for me because I'm not much of a Hugger.  I get lots of petting and treats and belly-rubs, but I'm kind of ambivalent (that means I can't make up my mind) about Hugs.  Hugs usually involve (a) waking me up from a nap or (b) being picked up unexpectedly.  Also (c) being upside-downed.

Imagine if you were walking to go use the bathroom and someone suddenly scooped you up, flipped you upside-down, and squished you a little?  NOT FUN.  Accidents could happen, just sayin'.

Then I get human smell all over me and I have to take a bath.  That takes precious nap-time out of my day.

Still, I love all of my people and I'm glad they love me enough to Hug me.  I just hope they don't do it all in one day!

Maybe I'll issue a command for 2015--National Hug Your Cat Day is also Wear Black Clothes to the Library Day.  Hee hee!

Hugs to all (who enjoy that sort of thing),