Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I hope everyone is have a toe-tally awesome Thanksgiving Week!

Mine started with a V-E-T appointment.  BOO. 

Grumbly purrs,


Monday, November 12, 2012

Big Winner!

Last month my library had a "Where's Tober?" Contest going on.  It was in honor of My Finding Month.

AAB Miss Myrtle made a super bulletin board covered with lots and lots of Tobers and other (less important) things.  (I think AAB Blog Helper Facebooked the contest but forgot to blog it.  Sheesh.)  Anyhoo, here's a picture to give you an idea of what it looked like:

Visitors got to look at the bulletin board and guess--or count--how many Tobers were included on it!  The number of Tobers was written on a slip of paper and hidden in a top-secret hidey place, so top-secret that not even AAB Rotten Ritchie could find it and cheat.

The winner of the contest got a certificate, and some Temptations treats, and and a picture with me, and a bag of candy, and *ahem* mention on my World- and Internets- Famous Blog!  (That's right here, folks!) 

There were 68 Tobers on the bulletin board, and a library visitor named Darrah picked that number exactly!  She said she counted that many Tobers, which I think is an excellent display of counting skills!

Here I am hanging out with all of the good stuff that Darrah got to take home!  She very kindly left the bag of Temptations treats at the library, where they are being doled out very SLOWLY by my staff.

Today is Bored Meeting Day, so I'm preparing by taking an nice nap.  AB Karen and AAB Christine have a bad case of the sleepies, so I'm napping a little extra for both of them.

Hopefully they don't fall asleep in front of the Super-Bosses.  That would be embarrassing--especially if they start snoring.

Purrs, headbutts, and naps,


Monday, November 5, 2012

Cat & Mouse & Treats

AAB Britta is off Not Working today, so I'm keeping her mouse warm for her.

I would fire her, but it's her turn to buy the next round of Stinky Fish Flakes.  AND she's in charge of cleaning the crud out of my eyes, which helps keep me handsome for my admiring public (even if it annoys me while she's doing it). 

In other news, AAB Becki had two (2!) afternoons off last week and it was AWFUL.  I practically have to beg to get these other ingrates to feed me my supper.  At least AB Karen can take a hint.  AAB Christine just gets all excited that I'm hanging out in the office all of a sudden.  She's not quite bright enough to realize that I'm only paying attention to her in the hopes of getting my supper.  Sheesh.
Oh, and remember my special treats I received on my Finding Day, compliments of my visitors Bill and Janet Buckley?

AAB Christine left them out on AB Karen's desk--overnight--so I killed them.

The week is off to a very chilly start--I'm glad I'm an Inside Only Library Cat!



PS--Tomorrow is Voting Day for American humans!  VOTE!