Thursday, July 28, 2011

AC + Sunbeams = Glowing Tober

It's hot hot hot here, friends, so it's a good thing that I live in Air Conditioning! Otherwise I wouldn't want to have all of these sunbeams.

Sunshines make me all glowy and super-Handsome, don't you think?

I hope everyone is having a nice End of July!

Basking in the glow,


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!

Yesterday we had a terrifying Summer Reading Finale program here at the Library! I knew that Coyote Chris from Silly Safaris was going to be here, and I knew that there would be an International Food Tasting after the show, but I was NOT told about all the weird and vicious creatures that would be inside my library! The program was Animals with "Tales" from around the World.

Here are the animals he brought in order of horribleness (least to most), as determined by me: a tree frog, a turtle named Shelby, a fuzzy rabbit, a skunk (it was destinktified), a coatimundi, a Madagascar hissing Cockroach (the horrors!), a snake as thick as a well-fed cat belly, a baby (or at least SMALL) alligator, and a potentially cat-eating Owl of Doom.

Here is the Owl of Doom, probably convinced it sees a handsome, tasty, ginger Mancat in the hallway:

The children (and grown-ups!) really enjoyed the program. Coyote Chris told all sorts of stories and interesting facts about each of the creatures, and the children even got to pet some of the less-horrible ones. I think the children were very Brave to be in a room with some of those animals.

After the program, and after all of the people washed their hands, we had the International Food Tasting.

The Staff was very eager to help with the eating serving of all of the different foods. (From this picture you cannot tell it. For some reason, the staff hides from camera-pictures. If we ever need to evacuate the building, we'll send AAB Photographer around to point the camera at people.) Some Mommies and Volunteers helped as well. Visitors got to try Coconut Macaroons, ANZAC Biscuits, Sweet Scones, homemade Ginger Ale, Mealie Meal Bread, Pasta Guayabe con Queso, Tacos, Puerto Rican Rice with Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, Chinese Fried Rice, Asian Snack Mix, Thai Candle Cookies, and Hummus. Much of the food was declared Quite Yummy by the tasters, although the smaller tasters had no qualms emitting "yucks" and "ewwws" when they found things not to their liking.

No one brought me anything to eat, and I was exhausted from all the working.

Maybe the owl sensed that I was a tired, weak, underfed kitty and decided that it should settle for whatever Coyote Chris feeds it, instead? Hmmmm.

I am happy to report that the unauthorized (by me) animals left promptly after the program, and I am now the only non-human living in the Library. Which is how it should be.

Star of a One-Mancat Show,


Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally Friday

The library meeting rooms have been visited by an Anonymous Artist. This person has captured very perfectly my expression when about 30 children come to pet me at the same time:

Isn't that great? No one seems to know who made this wonderful Picture of me, but AAB Becki has been commanded NOT to erase it from the wipey-board. (She usually listens pretty well.)

But just in case someone comes in who DOESN'T listen, it is now preserved forever and ever on the Internets.

AAB Christine, in her (vain) attempts to be officially re-Hired, has been bribing me with fresh Catnip.

Do you see the orange posty-note in the background? That is my reminder to thank Von for bringing in nice blue "deposit" bags for me (mostly because my Blog-helper is forgetful and doesn't help me post enough). Blue is a manly color, so they are double-appreciated. Thank you, Von!

Junior and Orion let me know that I was featured on mousebreath! earlier this week. I had never heard of mousebreath! before, but now I know that it's a really neat online magazine by cats and for cats (and cat lovers). Skeezix submitted a nice post about my Bossliness, and as a result of his writing, I am now officially Emperor of the Library!

According to Wikipedia (which may-or-may-not-be-true), "the emperor of Japan is the only reigning monarch with the title." Well! I'm just going to have to fix that silly Wikipedia article, I think.

I hope everyone has a happy weekend!

Emperor Tober

Friday, July 8, 2011


I do a text-book perfect (or Internets-perfect) example of a Catloaf.

I think they should remove the picture in the Wiktionary definition and maybe stick me in there instead?

Here is another view of my perfect Catloaf:

Notice, everything--feets, tail, front paws--is tucked nicely away! I am a much better Loafer than I was in 2009.

Ready for a Loaf-ly weekend,