Tuesday, January 25, 2011

There's a New Sheriff in Town.

I have been Abandoned and Betrayed by my ex-Assistant Boss Karen. She has run away on Vacation and left me behind, and I have been assigned a new Assistant Boss.

My new Assistant Boss is Ritchie. He used to be the custodian, but he decided that he would like to be Director and so he moved into my office:

Please notice that he is not actually IN the office. Ritchie is Allergic to me, so he does not actually visit much. He did give me a few treats, and he's doing a good job being Director in that none of the staff can find him when they need him.

I am very stressed about my ex-AB being away for so long. Everyone else is doing a good job keeping me distracted, except for AAB Kathy, who actually THREW ME OUT of her office this morning for rubbing my furs on her computer monitor and knocking her hand sanitizer on the floor! (Okay, she did not throw me. She carried my Majestic self upstairs and deposited me in another office.)

See how bad things are getting?

My precious Whisker-hairs are falling out! I'm going to name that one "Ritchie." The one after that shall be "Ritchie Jr."

I have also decided that I want to make my own cat breed--all by myself. I like being an orange tiger-kitty, but I think I deserve my own special breed name. One of my AABs really likes those Scottish Fold cats, so I'm going to compromise and work on being an Indiana Half-Fold cat:

I don't know how successful I will be, because I keep switching sides. . .

Hoping Whiskers grow back fast,


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Brought to you by the letter "B"

Last week I was a Busy B(ee) at the library.

On Tuesday nights I usually make it a point to supervise AB Karen and AAB Christine when they work Downstairs. They do not usually work Downstairs with the little ones, so I have to keep a close eye on them to make sure they do it right.

Last Tuesday when I visited I found that Miss Myrtle had put up a bulletin board for me! I really liked the last one, with the bows and jingle bells, and I was happy to see that my new bulletin board has hearts on it! And leaves and FLOWERS! Leaves and flowers--the fake kind--are especially nice to chomp on.

Here I am Busy trying to reach some tasty, crunchy roses. See how tall I can be?

After I was done inspecting my new bulletin board, I had to keep an eye on AB Karen's Very Important Papers. (These are Papers she drags all over the library with her. I don't know what they are, but they must be Important, since they follow her around everywhere.)

See how Busy!?

After that I Busied myself in one of the many nooks & crannies. I discovered a heart-shaped paper that was very nice to munch on:

Last but not least, earlier this week I was Very Busy Being MAD. My AB Karen decided that because she put Nasty Flea Stuff on her Cats and Dogs at her house, she should go ahead and put Nasty Flea Stuff on me, too. I knew something was wrong because AAB Traitor Christine was holding me and AB Traitor Karen was trying to give me a treat--this has NEVER EVER happened before, so I was suspicious.

Then I thought AB Traitor Karen petted me between the shoulder blades, but it was really her putting the Nasty Stuff on me and I don't like it because it makes my neck furs look stupid and so I fired her. She cried a lot, and I didn't want to do the State Report all by myself, so I re-hired her on the condition that she give me a few treats.

Here I was Busy being Mad.

One Busy B(oss),


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

State Report Time!

It is time for Assistant Boss Karen to do the State Report. If you'll remember, I contribute to the State Report by holding it down on the desk so it doesn't get away:

One of the numbers AB Karen needs for the Report each year is the number of hits that the library's website gets. Well, when AAB Linda was finding that number for Karen, she found out that my Handsome Face on the TPL website got 8030 hits in 2010! See! Who needs words when you've got pictures of ME on the website?

Oooh. AAB Christine said that wasn't a very Librarycatlike thing to say about the words.
Words are wonderful! They fill books and magazines and newspapers and blogs and greeting cards and letters and emails and the Internet!

Anyhow, I am very proud that I've gotten so many hits on the library website. I don't know how many hits the whole site got; I'm guessing 8032. (Just kidding. It gets hit a lot!)

I decided to reward myself by fishing some Posty-notes out of the trashcan:

After all the excitement, I needed a nice long bath. . .

. . . which, as usual, was interrupted by a stupid flashy box.

A lean clean State Reporting Machine,