Friday, October 20, 2023

Fall is Overrated

 Fall is here, and all my coworkers have become ecstatic.  A little bat-wing crazy, if you ask me (which no one does).  For example: 

  • Pumpkins are literally everywhere.  (Why is there an obsession with a round, orange, vegetable?)
  • Spooky decorations are in the Youth Department that I have to live with for a month.  
  • And don't get me started on the motion-activated decorations. 
(Those can actually be funny.  Newbie Lillian walked by the singing skeleton five times the other day, and every single time she jumped and yelled "Oh geez!".  You would think that after the 3rd time, she would remember that the skeleton was there.)

Part of the craziness of fall always happens during the Thorntown Turning of the Leaves Festival.  The library staff ran around trying to make a parade float that was bigger and better than the year before.  Which really meant that Barb and Christine ran around convincing people to help them with their crazy ideas that take weeks to plan out.  

And in the middle of all that they decided to throw all the furniture on top of things so the carpet could be cleaned.  And then there was nowhere comfy for me to sit all weekend while everyone else was out enjoying the festival.  :( 

This year for the festival they made a pirate ship called the "Golden Tabby" to go along with the Festival theme of "Go for the Gold".  I like to think that I was the main inspiration for this idea since it was practically named after me, and a skinnier better-looking version of me was also on the front of the ship.  I'd especially like to take credit for this idea since it won first place for originality.  

The Unofficial Chance Mascot

The staff forgot one important thing though.  You'd think that in creating a parade float for the library, they would think to put the library's name or logo or some sort of identifier on it.  But nope.  Only when they were on the parade route and people kept saying "Who are they??" did they realize the error.  

Oh well.  At least they remembered to include me.  Important things first.   

The Golden Tabby

So anyways, fall is overrated.  And a little crazy.  And definitely over-hyped.  But at least its not summer reading crazy.  And now I can actually get back into my routine of taking a nap in the youth department during the day again without grabby hands disturbing my sleep.  

Currently avoiding the motion-activated ghost,