Saturday, June 3, 2023

Summer Sun

 Summer is about to be in full swing and you know what that means- longer days, and more sunshine.  Which means more sun puddles.  Which means lots more sunbathing and sun-napping.  

I started off the summer by finding a giant sun puddle.  But of course, it was right where I was NOT supposed to be taking a nap.  The best spots are always in the off-limits places.  This particular spot happened to be at the end of the hall outside the meeting rooms.  Technically, I'm not not allowed to be in the hall.  I'm just usually shooed out of the hall as soon as I step foot into it.  

This was a particularly large sun puddle at the end of the hall.  So I used all my sneaky cat powers to tiptoe my way to the end of the hall (which was particularly difficult due to a bell someone attached to my collar), and slipped straight into the sun puddle.  

It was pure sunshine bliss until the paparazzi found me and started all the photography nonsense.  Can't a cat enjoy his sunshine in peace?  

Eventually someone discovered my new secret sun-napping spot and brought clouds of grey into my sunny world as they shooed me back out of the hall.  Don't these humans know I'm the boss around here and I make the rules?  

Looking for more sunshine,