Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Forever Pepper and Other Gifts

I have been working on this post since last year--December 21 to be exact!

So before I start on my Pepper story, I want to say Merry Late Christmas and Happy Late New Year and I hope that everyone is safe and had a wonderful time with family and got lots of treats and tummy rubs and Catnip. I have had very Happy Holidays with my Library Staff and especially My Assistant Boss Mommy Karen who can't stay out of the library when it is Closed and spent lots of time with me when all the other slackers employees were off doing non-Tober related things.

Yesterday (really December 20, now!) in the mail I got a Forever Pepper.

It is green & orange like my little greenish orangish pepper (RIP) was, and it is cram-packed full of some powerful 'nip. I like normal catnip, but this catnip is super special. When I'm with my pepper, I lick it and bite it and chew it and bunny-kick it and rub my face on it and Love it with All My Heart.

Here we are together.

*This is where there should be a video of us playing together, but Blogger is being Bad and won't let me post it. So maybe I'll save it for later, and here's another picture.*

Because I love my Pepper so much and so violently, my Assistant Bosses have decided to keep it in my treat drawer, so that I can enjoy it while I'm being supervised. (I think they just want to take lots of pictures of me being fierce and Mancatly.) Thank you Pepper-givers for my special treat--you could probably go into business making Forever Peppers!

On Christmas AB Karen got my stocking down and I got treats! I got some from Santa and some from a kitty friend of mine named Chi.

Then, a few days later, I got some of Frankie Frank's Fabulous Feline Frenzy Inducing Homegrown Organic Catnip! And treats!

Here I am wondering why in the heck we're taking pictures of the stuff instead of rolling in it:

This Catnip is also not like the normal stuff (although I like that, too, Staff). This stuff makes my nose super-excited and I can eat whole leafs of it at a time! And then I take a nap. Thank you Kelly for my treats! Now could you please send Karen a note and let her know that she doesn't need to be all stingy with it?

My staff has been very busy un-decorating the library and leaving bits of garland and other sparkly things everywhere. They've also been working to make a January newsletter since (oops) it's now January. And on top of that they've been doing the usual library things like checking out books and shelving books and drinking coffee and eating chocolate. It's exhausting watching them work so hard.

Feeling like One Special Cat,


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Busy busy times!

Hi everybody,

We (meaning My Staff) have been Very Busy here at the library in the last few weeks. I'm sorry I haven't been a very good blogging cat lately, but it's hard to get on a computer when all of my people are acting Busy and ignoring my need for computer time.

So let me tell you what's been going on around here:

1. The library is now decorated for Christmas! There are trees everywhere, and lights, and wreaths, and presents (that are decoration only and don't really have stuff in them). Some of the presents have been taken Away because I chew on the ribbons--which upsets my belly--and then the ribbons come out again one way or another. So we're watching the tinsel & ribbon around here, folks!

Here is a picture of a Bulletin Board that got all dressed up for Christmas:

Please notice the bows lying below the Bulletin Board--these have been removed by Me because they were fun to chew. Assistant Assistant Boss Myrtle said that she has Given Up on trying to keep bows and things on the bottom of the board.

2. We had the big Library Christmas party and the bazillion little kids came and saw Santa and Mrs. Claus. The reindeer also came for a program and pooped on the floor. But Big Fun was had by all and I was safely locked up (this is the ONE time of the year that such an act is acceptable) so that I could supervise without being mauled by well-meaning little ones.

Here is a picture of the reindeer and Jingle John and the reindeer poo:

Here is another picture. In this one I am telling Santa and Mrs. Claus that for Christmas I would like to be Not Held:

3. I have been made even Famouser by a person named Patrick Roberts who included me on his Purr 'n' Fur website. You can find my handsome self listed with other American Library Cats on the Featuring Felines page! Purr 'n' Fur also includes pages about famous felines (like Dewey and Scarlett) and literary felines and puzzles and pictures and stories about feline fans and. . . well, really, by now you really should have clicked the link!

4. I have got to get Assistant Assistant Boss Photographer on the ball so we can make my Christmas card. I need to spread cheer!

Okay Friends, that is my update! I will try to get out and about and visit blogs this week--I am so far behind! I hope everyone is having a good holiday-time and that everyone is safe and warm!