Art Gallery

Below are some artworks inspired by my Handsome Self! Of course, the artists are quite accomplished, and would probably do very good work if given a bowl of fruit or a Catnip plant, too.

Please click to biggify any of these arts--they look even better up-close!

My Very First Art--from the Zoolatry gals!

My Second Art--pencil on notebook paper by a nice library visitor.

Photocopy, construction paper, and marker--by Cherakee.

A Painting!--by Alec.

A beautiful poem by my one & only girlcat, Ziva Zophia!

Crayon on paper--by Bailey.

  Pencil on paper--by Corey.

Computer-generated Awesome--by Ellie's son, Miguel.

Marker on construction paper--by Fayth.

  Crayon on paper--by Hanna.

Computer-generated Awesome--by Jan & the Funny Farmers

  Mixed media on poster-board--by Kathleen.

  Crayon and construction paper--by Krisha.

Mixed media on poster-board--by Luanne.

Pencil on paper--by Tyler.

Dry-erase marker on wipey board--Artist Unknown.

Paint on concrete--by Myrtle.

Barn Quilt Tober--by Melissa and AB Karen.

Crayon on paper--by Parker.

Pencil on library scrap paper--by Kaylynn

Thank you for visiting my Gallery!

Chance's Art Begins Below:

Crayon on notebook paper--by Sam