Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy National Boss's Day!

Oh My Gosh! This is another holiday to celebrate me! Who knew that October and November could be so exciting!

Today is Boss's Day, and since I'm the Boss of the Thorntown Library, I would like to wish a very Happy Boss's Day to myself. I am going to shower myself with naps and rolls in the floor and big stretches today.

Hard at work preparing for a Spectacular Boss's Day!
I would also like to wish Happy Boss's Days to my Assistant Boss and to all of my Assistant Assistant Bosses.

Assistant Boss Karen: Happy Boss's Day! Thank you for keeping the treats well-stocked and for Finding me and for bringing me here to the Library.

Assistant Assistant Boss Barbara: Happy Boss's Day! I am glad you are so good at Bossing the moneys around, because whatever magic you work makes the Staff very cheerful and generous with treats at the end of each month!

Assistant Assistant Boss Becki: You are the best when it comes to meal time! The other Staff people get kind of forgetful about meals! And thanks for keeping a few treats in your pocket.

Assistant Assistant Boss Bonnie: Happy Boss's Day! Thank you for having such a nice flat spot on your desk for me. You also give Very Good Hugs.

Assistant Assistant Boss Britta: Happy Boss's Day! I like that you are very Tall and that when you pick me up I can almost reach that clock thingie.

Assistant Assistant Boss Cathie: Happy Boss's Day! You are a very good Boss because you alone realize that I can do no wrong, and you never wake me from my naps.

Assistant Assistant Boss Chris: Happy Boss's Day! You are very Brave to work downstairs with all of those small children, and I will never forget how you vanquished The Wasp.

Assistant Assistant Boss Christine: Happy Boss's Day! Thank you for all the paw massages, but please do turn off the flashy thing on the camera.

Assistant Assistant Boss Helen: Happy Boss's Day! I think you set a Very Good Example for the other Staff people by scheduling special "Tober Time." Keep up the good work!

Assistant Assistant Boss Laverna: Happy Boss's Day! You are a great Boss because you compliment my handsomeness and think up ways to add me to Youth Department displays!

Assistant Assistant Boss Linda P.: Happy Boss's Day! Thank you for keeping all of the really interesting processing papers and labels on the low shelves of your cart. That makes them easier for me to find when I need something to bite on!

Assistant Assistant Boss Linda W.: Happy Boss's Day! Thank you for replacing the Cords with fresh ones! (Now can you take that black stuff off so I can get my teeth in them?)

Assistant Assistant Boss Myrtle: Happy Boss's Day! You are very good at prettifying the Library (so that I don't overshadow the building with my Extreme Handsomeness).

Assistant Assistant Boss Ritchie: Happy Boss's Day! I'm very sorry about the occasional "gifts" I leave you. I like your pets, even though you're a Guy and Allergic to me.

Assistant Assistant Boss Shirley: You are very good at Bossing the smaller customers in the Library. That is good for me, because they are fast, sneaky, and small, and can crawl under my hidey-places. It is good of you to keep them so entertained!

Assistant Assistant Boss Von: Happy Boss's Day! Thank you for guarding the Computer Lab and the parts of the library on wood floors. Since I don't like walking on that stuff, your job is Very Important and helpful to me.

And to my Most Bossly Library Board Members, Deanna, Stephanie, John, Fern, Donna, Bob, and Ron--Thank you for the time and effort you put forth to help make my Library a wonderful place (and for having the good sense to approve my Supreme Boss-ship)!

Most Esteemed, Petted, and Adored Boss of Thorntown Public Library,



SeaThreePeeO said...

Happy Boss Day Tober!

It was nice of you to remember the assistant and assistant assistant bosses today.

JC said...

That was a very nice blog
You just might win boss of the year

Anonymous said...

Tober, you need to take some big naps considering all of the assistant boss' you need to snooper-vise. You should also get some extra treats just to keep up your energy goin' to all the meetings.

meowmeowmans said...

You sure have lots of responsibilities and a very large staff to snoopervise, Tober. You should definitely reward yourself with a nice long nap and some yummy treats!

Percy the Cat said...

Happy Boss's Day, Tober!

And also to all your ABs and AABs! :)

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

My goodness Tober!! There are lots of bosses in your library! We will have to remind our Meowm of this when she complains about her least she only has two.

You have certainly had some busy times since we last visited. The horror of cleaning your carpets and chairs! Humans just don't understand how hard we work at making these things smell so nice...after all, what smells better or looks better on furniture and such, as aroma of cat? Nothing.....humans just don't get it.

And to have your job performance ignored!!!?? What is this world coming to when a performance like yours didn't even get you any tummy rubs??!!

Amy & the house of cats said...

Happy Bosses Day Tober! You seem like an excelelnt boss and a very generous one too, since you went to the trouble of thanking all the assistant bosses in the place!

Poppy Q said...

Happy Bosses day to you Tober and all of your assistants.

The Island Cats said...

Happy Bosses Day, Tober! You sure have a big staff! And we hope they bought you lots of gifts today!