Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MPL loves Library Cats

The Mooresville Public Library (which is in the land of Indiana, like Thorntown) does this really cool readers advisory bloggie. They make little movies about books and other library things and put them on the blog to inspire people to read.

Their last movie was about Dewey Readmore Books, who, as you might know, was a Very Super-Famous Library Cat from Spencer, Iowa. Dewey is so famous he has real books written about him that lots of people have read (and cried big sniffly crocodile tears over).

Go to the MPL Readers Advisory Blog to see me to learn more about Dewey, and check out some of their other neat book trailers while you're there!

I will be in My Office soaking up all the Famousness and planning my Finding Day Extravaganza.

Doing Dewey Proud,



Sparkle said...

Cool Tober, you're a star!

(Like you weren't already!)

Amy & the house of cats said...

Hi Tober! Wow, you are going to have more people come visit you now that you are being talked about everywhere! That is so cool! We haven't read the book about Dewey - mostly for the whole thing you mention about big crocodile tears - mom can't read sad animal stories, even if they have a happy ending. But we have heard wonderful things about the book!

Oh, and we think you are looking super handsome in your picture today!

Katnip Lounge said...

Tober, you're gonna need an agent! Maybe you can go on Ellen's show...she loves kitties.

The Island Cats said...

Hey, Tober, can we have your autograph??

Princess Jasmine said...

Simba is ever so excited that you have a black whisker too and hopes that you are related in some small way. Guess wot? My mummy works in a library too. Simba went for a visit once, a long time ago, when he was a kitten.

Kea said...

Seems like you've hit the movie big-time now! Concatulations! :-)

Mooresville Public Library said...

Thanks, Tober, for the plug. We appreciate it! You're the greatest!

Cauli Le Chat (at Mooresville Public Library) said...

Thanks, Tober, for the plug. You're the greatest!