Wednesday, February 9, 2011

AB Karen is back and I don't like Hairball Food.

Apparently I don't rate around here anymore. I am the Boss of this Library, and I have got Very Important things to say to the Blogosphere and all of my faithful fans and Library customers. Like this.

AB Karen is home safe and sound and has been re-hired. AAB Ritchie's week of Bossitude was written into the the February newsletter like so:

Boss Tober is Relieved, Exhausted

Thorntown Public Library’s Resident Cat and Boss Tober is relieved to announce that his AB Karen Niemeyer has safely returned from her (unauthorized) Vacation and has been re-hired as Assistant Boss and Library Director. During her absence, custodian Ritchie Barton helpfully agreed to fill in as Director and Assistant Boss, and he did a fantastic job of answering the phone (once), making coffee (once), and emptying the book return (once).

AB Ritchie was taken to task about his avoidance of one of the Director’s very important duties--leading the SHINE lunch bunch during afternoon exercises. Fortunately, library staff, with the help of customer Betty Maze, were able to track Ritchie down and get him to join the group on Friday. AB Ritchie felt better having met his responsibilities and is now fully-qualified as a Library Director.

When asked about Karen’s absence, Boss Tober admits that “Managing this bunch is quite exhausting without AB Karen’s help. Ritchie did okay, but he’s not nearly as good about tummy rubs.”

The Thorntown Library staff would like to thank ex-Assistant Boss Ritchie for being such a great sport during his week of leadership. We would also like to thank Karen for returning from Vacation.

I have also been put on a special Hairball diet food. This special food is $13 a bag and I don't like it One Bit.

What I like is my Stinky Goodness food that is sometimes served to me in one of my comfy chairs:

I am thinking of Firing my Assistant Assistant Boss Blog (not)Helper and asking Santa for thumbs again this Christmas. But Christmas is kind of far away, so maybe I'll find some other method of getting more blog-posting time. Any suggestions?

The most Neglectedest Blogging Library Cat in the Whole Wide World,



JC said...

Tober ~ I worry about you. Maybe I can plan an escape. If you start digging by the fiction section, I'll start from the kitchen.

Riley ^,,^

(We orange striped boys need to help each other out. Mom is getting coffee.)

Amy & the house of cats said...

Hi Tober! We are so behind we didn't even know that your AB was gone! But we are glad she is back now.

We have had that hairball stuff before - we are like you - we didn't like it. Mom gave up on it eventually and hopefully that will happen for you too. She said that if she brushes us enough that should help with the hairballs.

And we understand about needing some thumbs - we are so behind in visiting - if we had thumbs that wouldn't be an issue, just like you need them for blogging! We wish we had some suggestions but we don't.

SeaThreePeeO said...

The back of disrespect works wonders for us!

Cat Mandu said...

Tober, I'm glad you have your best person back! It's nice to see you again!

The Whiskeratti said...

Oh, Tober, it's just so hard to find good help, isn't it? But hey, you got chair service!

Oskar said...

Tober, it sounds like you need to have a meeting with your staff to whip them into shape!

Nubbin wiggles,

Ikaika said...

I agree -- the back of disrespect has it's uses. But as Library Cat and the main reason people Thorntown citizens visit said establishment, you should have a better contract -- one that calls for premium stinky goodness, mandatory belly rubs, weekly Furminations and daily brushings! Just sayin ...

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...


We are now on low calorie, high protein food. We get dry and wet of this stuff. Surprisingly it is quite tasty stuff.

Are you haveing to eat yours for the diet part of the hairball part? You can get Laxatone from Petsmart that helps with those nasty hairballs. However if you have to eat it for the diet part, well we can't help you much there. Meowm says our diet food has to be purchased at the v-e-t (Royal Canin)and it costs around $20 for an 8 pound bag. It also comes in wet and we love it too. That is around $35 for 24 three ounce cans.

Either way, we hope you can learn to like this food, or you get some that you do like.

We are impressed that you get your dish set right in front of you on your chair. That is some purrty wonderful service!

Sparkle said...

Tober, I thought you were boss over there. That means you should be able to tell them what food to give you!

Unknown said...

Tober, you write the best newsletter ever. I love it!

ellie said...

Glad Tober's a happy boy again now!!Hope karen is giving u lots tickles and cuddles! Did Karen have a good holiday?

curator said...

Well, I'm just glad you are back. Great newsletter! : )

Cauli Le Chat (at Mooresville Public Library) said...


Try sprinkling a little catnip on your special hairball diet food. That should help the taste a tad.