Friday, May 13, 2011

Book Sale! Take 2

So, yesterday I posted about our Big Ginormous Book Sale at the Library. Apparently Blogger wasn't impressed, because it coughed it right up. So now my Book Sale post is gone Forever. I have asked AAB Christine to be helpful for a change and help me repost it.

She is only complying because she doesn't want to re-pack all of the Book Sale books on May 20th. (Something about having tiny, weak twig-arms that have a hard time hoisting anything heavier than a cat. Or a coffee cup.)

Here's all of what we've got For Sale:

We have James Patterson books and Nora Roberts books and books with Fabio on the cover. We have Disney VHS movies. We have books for kids of all sizes. We have puzzles and other miscellaneous. (We had to keep the "miscellaneous" stuff away from Ritchie so he doesn't try to stuff it in a drawer and label it.) We have paperbacks and hardcovers and books in large print and also magazines. These things are all available for the low, low price of a Donation!

AB Karen requested that I visit for a Special Photo Shoot. This is kind of like how they have a super-famous author come to do a luncheon--AB Karen wanted me to draw people in. That's what I do. It's one of my many duties as Boss Cat.

Before any Photo Shoot, though, I need a quick bath to freshen up. One must look one's best for the whole wide Internets.

Once I was all Handsomed up (which took hardly any time), I received some instructions from AB Karen:

See how Karen is talking and I am only kind of paying attention? That's pretty much how things work between us. Unless she mentions treats or tummy rubs or Catnip.

Plus, I already understand how to promote a love of reading! I love reading! Reading is an activity that can guarantee Attention for us cats. It's simple: When you see a human reading a book, go sit on the page that they are most interested in. (You can tell by the staring they do. Sometimes they even point at the page with their fingers.) When you sit on the reading page, they will stop what they're doing and exclaim that you are Handsome (or Beautiful) and Clever, and then they will pet you. And give treats.

For the Photo Shoot I decided to promote the Fiction Section:

See how I love Books?

If you love VHS movies and magazines and books with Fabio on the cover, be sure to stop by the TPL Book Sale. It will go on until May 20th, and is open during our usual business hours. (That means Monday & Friday 9-6, Tuesday through Thursday 9-8, and Saturday 10-4. If you come on a Sunday I can only gaze at you through the windows.)

This was my final move during the Book Sale Photo Shoot:

If I still had front toenails (which I don't, thanks to the Person Before Karen), that would have really gotten my staff motivated!

Please please please don't delete my post Blogger,



Oskar said...

I bet you have just guaranteed that all of those books sell, Fabio or not!

Nubbin wiggles,

Amy & the house of cats said...

Hi Tober! Wow you are doing a great job of promoting the book sale! We would even visit ourselves except we are too far to get there (though mom says she does want to go there some time and meet you in person because you are a very good bosscat and very handsome too). We love the picture of you rubbing on the fictiion sighn - you are all smiley and it makes us want to get books and read them too! We hope that the sale goes very well and that there aren't too many books that have to be put away!!

Sparkle said...

My human wishes she were near you - she would be in and out with armfuls of books! Our local library only has book sales in the morning, one morning, twice a year and she always oversleeps and misses them.

Ikaika said...

You had the human at "Book Sale!" The only thing she probably loves more than a book sale is a handsome orange Library Cat!

ellie said...

Hi Tober,
Look like an amazing book sale! hope u get many visitors. We would love to come and buy some books. Shame we r so far away. U and Karen r doing a fantastic job organizing things :)

Jemma Chihuahua said...

Tober, you are a good spokescat for the book sale. We would definitely buy from you!

Cat Mandu said...

Oooooo, I love books! We have a few thousand around home, too. It must be pure heaven, walking on all those books.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tober. Glad you cleaned up for the event. Its looks like you helped out a lot.

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Tober, As we had said before, we know the book sale will go well with you hanging around!

Kitikata-san said...

Oh Tober, that is a fine book sale! I bet all the books you inspected are going sell!