Thursday, September 29, 2011

Festival of the Floaty Book Sale, Part 2

Oh my. Let's see where I was in recounting Festival of the Turning Leaves/Book Sale/Carpet Cleaning/Mess Week.

I remember. . . I was getting ready to tell you about the creation of the Stolen Float!

Well, my staff got all excited about another library's parade float. Mooresville Public Library, home of Roving Reporter extraordinaire Cauli le Chat, used the theme "Are YOU Evergreen?" for the Old Settlers Parade. Evergreen refers to the Evergreen Indiana Library System. Over 90 libraries in the state of Indiana use the same system to check out books and dvds and things, so when you search our online catalog, you can also search the library catalogs of all those libraries. Library users are able to use their Evergreen cards at these other libraries, and they can place holds on items that other libraries own. . . it's a pretty cool thing.

So I guess my staff figured since we share books & things, why not share a parade float? I suppose it's good that they at least MADE the float by themselves (but that's probably only because a Stolen Parade Float probably wouldn't hold up well on the interstate).

So here's what happened:

First they found an Evergreen tree and decorated it. (This is NOT a Christmas tree. It's an Evergreen tree.)

Then AB Karen saw it, said it was boring, and it needed more stuff.

Here is a shot of me with the tree in the background. I'm Investigating the scrapbooking things in the tote:

The Float-to-be arrived in a very unFloatlike state, so the staff and some very nice Volunteers got to work adding petal paper. This was fun for the first hour:

Notice all of the green grassy stuff. Please join me in hoping that next year's Festival of the Turning Leaves Parade theme is something like "Putt-Putt" or "Lawn Maintenance is Good" or "What's Your Favorite Color?" or something.

The library staff working on the Float cried big crocodile tears because they missed out on helping to move all of the furniture in the library. Luckily the sunshine and fresh air dried their tears quickly.

I helped with the furniture moving by staying out the the way. I was very Upset when I learned that my toilet was moved into a public area, but at least furniture moving gets done lastly before closing for the weekend.

It was decided that the Evergreen tree should stay inside, and that it would be added to the Float in the morning.

In the morning, the staff put the tree on the Float. Just when everything was arranged perfectly, and AB Karen was expertly fluffing the tree skirt, and AAB Christine was standing back to take a picture. . .

. . . the tree broke and fell down.

With that cliffhanger, I must relax my paws for another evening. I hope everybody can sleep tonight with all the suspense!

I will sign off with a special picture for my special girlCat, Miss Ali Zophia:

AAB Photographer thinks that this is a particularly good picture of me. I hope you like it!

Who knew a Float Story would take so many words?



curator said...

Tober, that is a great story. And I wish with all my heart my city library would hire an orange cat.

Stella said...

Dear Tober!

Thank you so much for the very handsome picture of yourself. I am going to have it framed and hang it in my little house. When its already, I will send you a picture to show you how perfect it is there!

Its starting to get cold here, Tober. Is it where you are?

Purrrrrrs to you,

Ali Zophia

ellie said...

Oh dear! After all the hard work decorating the tree and then it came down!Look forward to hearing what happened next.... You look ever so handsome there Tober :)