Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Toesday +

Happy Toesday everybody!

Submissions are coming in for my Poster Contest--HOORAY! But that's all I'm going to say about that right now! My AAB is busy putting the posters up in the library so that everyone can appreciate them. I'll post a picture soon!

In honor of my Finding Month, my staff has been busy creating displays celebrating my Librarycatdomhood.

This one has all of the Cat books in the Whole Library in it!


Okay, so not "all" of the Cat books. A LOT of the Cat books. Sorry. I got a little excited there.

And THIS display is in the glass case in the lobby:

Now, let me tell you a little something special about library displays: Only Very Important Things get displayed in glass cases in a library. Like the history of my Librarycatdomhood.

Okay, AAB Blog Helper says my head is getting a little Big. I should be a Humble cat.

What is a Humble cat? Is there such a thing?

One Display-Worthy Feline,



Bookworm said...

when's your book coming out Tober?! :)

Sparkle said...

That is awesome, Tober! I am so glad to see you are well appreciated at your library. Of course, I would have feared for your employees if it had been otherwise.

Katnip Lounge said...

Tober, we're pretty sure there's a Rule against using the words "cat" and "humble" in the same sentence. Seeing how we're purrfect and all that jazz.

The Island Cats said...

Our mom wants to tickle your toesies, Tober!

Stella said...

Hi Dear Tober:

There is no such thing as a humble cat and if one seems humble, they are just pretending for some silly reason.

Congrats on all the publicity for your Octo celebration. I will try to do a poster but my Mom hurt her arm and she is having trouble finding what I will need and reaching for it. So just bear with us please.

Sweet purrrrrs to you, Tober!

Your Kitty, Ali Zophia (Zkhat)

ellie said...

You have such a cute toesie Tober! Love the book displays :)

Cat Wisdom 101 said...

This is such pawsome news we are sharing on Facebook etc.

m.q said...

hii Tober.....:)

Oskar said...

I don't think humble really goes with cats...

Nubbin wiggles,