Thursday, December 1, 2011

Do You See What I See?

Well, it's been a rough few days here at my Library, friends!

As you all know, Christmas is coming. That means three (3) things here at TPL:

1. Trees. Everywhere!

2. My stocking is hung by the chimney with care!

3. "Surprises" in the litter box. (Sorry AAB Cathie.)

I think my staff is watching the placement of Christmas bows a little better this year, since I'm such a bow-hunting master!

I kind of like Christmas decorating, especially at night after the staff leaves and I can inspect their handiwork. What I don't like is the Chaos that ensues on the day after Thanksgiving (Christmas Decoration Day). All of the stuff getting moved around, the staff not staying in their assigned seats, the treats sitting, forgotten, in desk drawers. . .

You're lucky to be reading this post.

BUT! A momentous and wonderful thing happened this year:

Did you see what I see?

Click the picture and biggify it!

That's right! I've got my Very Own Tree! It is decorated with Cat Toys Feline Training Devices, and lights, and garland! AAB Britta made it special Just For Me, and put it in the Young Adult Room so that everyone could admire it.

Dear Santa, I will try my very best NOT to eat the garland.

Speaking of Santa--Santa and his lovely wife, Mrs., will be here on Monday night to visit with any children (and hopefully Boss Cats) who would like to see him (and ask for special Christmas treats). Christmas is Snow Much Fun at the Library! We will also have an animal show presented by Silly Safaris (yes, they're letting that stinky really cool reindeer back in my Library again). And we have magician Marc Lehmann entertaining visitors of all ages, and snacks, and some snowflake-themed crafts for the little ones!

I will be Hiding in my Office for most of this, because Library Cats and over TWO HUNDRED (200!) people at one time! is a bit terrifying!

Since we have a Snow-Themed Christmas Party, I decided to check out the decorations:

The staff was all excited because I got Glitter on me. (AAB Ritchie especially loves it when Glitter gets in the carpet.) I was tormented by AAB Photographer's attempt to photograph Glitter on my furs.

If you look really closely in this picture you can see Glitter:

If you look really closely in this picture you can More Glitter (and a Pink Horsey):

If you look really closely in this picture you can see Irritation:

Thankfully the photographer remembered to turn the flash off for once.

Loving my special Tree-t,



Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

We do see the irritation in that last picture, but we also like the close up of your sweet face.

Sparkle said...

A tree of your own! That is SO pawsome! Why doesn't my human think of such things?

Just Ducky said...

HiYa Tober, Ducky here! They Ducky from Whiskerconsin. I am more than happy to share my name with a any good cat! Lucky Ducky is right, we are lucky for you.

Mum is glad you have such a grate home the the library. She likes our local library so much, she even is on the board that runs it!!! She gets to have her input on all sorts of stuff and even how they spend their green papers.

Have fun for Christmouse. Mum hasn't gotten anything out of the dungeon yet, says this weekend.


Laila and Angel Minchie said...

How exciting you have your own tree, Tober! You must be loved very much!

Jo's World said...

How beautiful that tree is for you, Tober. Also a stunning selection of handsome man-cat photos. I wish we were sitting together by your tree right now!

Enjoy your pre- Christmas festivities!

You might wonder why I have changed my name a bit, and its just because I like it.

Ziva Zophia Tortie

Morgan the Library Bunny said...

How did you manage to get the humans to give you your own tree?!?! I've been trying to get my own for years!

And your tree looks very lovely by the way.

Katnip Lounge said...

Tober, you are a far Better Cat than any of us. That garland would be making an "appearance" in the box toot sweet at our house. But how Awesome is it that you got your own tree!?! At least you haven't been forced to wear any silly hats--yet.

ellie said...

Wow! It sure has been exciting in Thorntown library Tober. Love your tree. Hope santa brings you and the children many gifts on Monday :)

Kitikata-san said...

Happy Holidays! May your Xmas be filled with lots of tasty treats!

Anonymous said...

Love the last picture. You do indeed look irritated. But your still cute.

You have a Merry Christmas!!

Cat Mandu said...

I'd have a hard time staying away from the toys on the tree. Are you sure you have to wait?