Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Reading Finale!

Firstly, Thanks to Jan and the Funny Farmers for alerting AAB Christine that my whole blog went AWOL this morning!

Christine had a mini panic-attack, but managed to do whatever The Great Google wanted so that everything seems to be back in its proper place.  She said she would have had to go home Brokenhearted if all of my 230+ posts were really Gone Forever.  I probably would have needed a few bags of Temptations and an extra nap!

Shame on you, Google, for scaring us on Friday the 13th. 

On July 10 we had a fantastic program presented by Valerie Marsh.  Valerie is a storyteller and real live author, and she also brought bikes from Bikes 4 Kids to give away to lucky summer readers!  Thanks, Valerie, for the awesome storytelling and for the fun bike giveaways!

Valerie also has great taste in Blogs.  She said that my The Adventures of Tober, the Thorntown Library Cat is one of the best things she has ever read in her whole life.  Oh, wait.  Oh.  AAB Blog Helper said Valerie thought is was very good.  Aaahhhh, close enough!

She did make a mistake, though.  She gave the compliment to AAB Blog Helper!  Not to me!  There's a huge difference.  Here's a sample of MY writing:

In case you haven't noticed, I have a kind of food-y Library. My staff likes snacks, especially when they involve chocolate, but they also like anything that can be baked, iced, or spread on a cracker. I am fine with all of these foods being here (and I love love love that Whipped Cream stuff), but I have a problem with Produce.

As you probably know, I assault Apples frequently, even if they travel in small groups. Assistant Boss Karen hides them in drawers, but when she opens the drawer, I pick them up and throw them in a wastebasket. I also slap dried gourds around. They look like they used to be Produce before they died.

Here's a sample of AAB BH's writing:
The Thorntown Public Library will be developing a strategic plan in the coming months. As part of that process, we are gathering a sampling of community members and other representatives to provide input about the town of the Thorntown. The input will be used to create a community vision, and from that, suggestions for future service priorities for the library.
Which would YOU rather read???

Speaking of Strategic Planning--I started to sense that this planning silliness was getting in the way of the library's day-to-day activities, like feeding the Cat, petting the Cat, giving the Cat treats, admiring the Cat's handsomeness and bug-hunting prowess. . .

Why, one week we even missed Gum Wrapper Monday!

So I'm coping by Strategically placing my handsome self in the midst of all the Strategic Planning nonsense.

It seems to be working.  (So far.)

I'd better get back to my supervising duties.  Apparently a helicopter has just landed across the street from the library.  It's probably just Paparazzi coming to get shots of me doing Library Work, but I sent my Photographer to investigate.

Please Google, don't unBlog me again!



John Bellen said...

I would much rather read your blog than anything regarding strategy or planning. My cats would feel the same were I to substitute my thoughts and schemes for their stories on our blog. I can't see how anyone could allow anything to get in the way of taking care of your needs, Tober. Have a wonderful weekend.

Sparkle said...

I'm so glad Google found your blog again! It would have been awful if you had had to fire them too!

Princess Jasmine said...

Tober, you make the best strategic plan ever. I could look at you allllll day :)xx

Jo's World said...

Hi dear Tober!

What a deal! Google tried to dump your blog! Don't worry about it since all of us fans would get in touch with Mr. Google and get things back the way they should be.
Thanks to Jan, too!

Maybe the helicopter wanted to take you for a spin around your town . . .did they? I think that would be very much fun. Either a helicopter or a hot air balloon!

Purrs and headbutts,

Your pal,
Ziva Zophia aka Zkhat

Mickle in NZ said...

Tober, I'm so relieved that your blog is back. I was really worried when it had vanished yesterday. Sending huggles and head scritches,

Zebby Cat's human, Michelle

Jans Funny Farm said...

We had a mild panic attack when you were AWOL too. so glad you are back, Tober.

As to which writing we'd rather read, why yours of course, Tober. That's why you have the blog and the AABs don't.

Poppy Q said...

Not much strategy or planning going on in our house either. We like to hear about food and napping much more.

Glad to hear that you have met some of your fans.

Julie and Poppy Q

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Tober, your writing is much better and more fun! And we love seeing pictures of you! We think putting yourself in the middle of all that planning nonsense is a great thing. Maybe you should also remind them that petting you will help lower their stress levels.

ilovethesuk said...

What a beautiful orange tabby! Please pass along my compliment!

-Suki (Siamese Cat)