Wednesday, December 5, 2012


For the longest time my humans have been putting that awful Frontline stuff on me once a month like clockwork. 

Friends, that is terrible stuff!  I think I might be Allergic to it!  When I first became a Boss Cat, it didn't bother me much, but this last month it made my furs fall out, and I got all itchy so I scratched at it and made a Great Red Spot (like Jupiter's, but just a little smaller) and AB Karen said "Oh dear" and now I have something called Comfortis.  Which implies "comfort"--right?  Well.

Comfortis is a pill.  I don't do pills. 

It's a chewable pill, but it smells like yuck.  AB Karen smushed one and covered it with gravy, to which I replied, "Nope."

Then she put a whole one in a handful of treats.  I ate all of the treats, but to the pill I said "Nope."

AAB Christine got the bright idea to bring in Pill Pockets. 

See that ginormous pill?  It's bigger than the pocket!!!

She even brought in two flavors, thinking she could entice me with Salmon flavored treats.  Unfortunately (for her, the Traitor), I don't like soft treats one bit.  They get stuck in my teeths.  So I said "Nope" to that idea, too.

Now I hear whispering between AABs Christine and Britta Re: "Pilling the Cat."


Allow me to refer you to a blog post from December 6, 2008:
We did get one thing straight: The library staff will never, ever give me pills.
Hmmmm.  Apparently I work with a lot of Liar-Liar-Pants-On-Fires.  Or at least three (3) of them.

I have a bad feeling about how this afternoon is going to go.  I'm alert and prepared for battle.

I dare you.
Wish me luck,


PS My V-E-T appointment last month was just my yearly check-up.  I have clean ears, bright eyes, and nice teeths.  I am alert and responsive.

There was talk about my *ahem* slightly-more-masculine-than-last-year weight.  I have gained one (1) pound.  I tried telling Dr. Jon it was All Muscle, but he said maybe I should have fewer treats. 

The good thing is that I have thirteen (13!!!) people to treat me, and sometimes there are miscommunications. . .


Laila and Angel Minchie said...

You are very wise to those pills, Tober! You are getting more and more smart living in your library.

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Oh Tober! We are sorry you are having trouble with that flea treatment! We are glad we don't have to worry about that stuff here. Be careful with that stuff, some of it can cause real serious problems.

Meowm has to either get liquid medicines for us, or smash them up and put them in our wet foods.

Percy the Cat said...

Our mum has given up trying to pill us. Unfortunately that means liquid meds and being forced to have them squirted in our mouths. Not that we have to have that happen very often, thank Cod.

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Have fleas ever been an issue? Might you possibly be able to do with out flea medication and wait and see if fleas actually show up before dosing again??

ellie said...

Ha ha you r much too clever a kitty to fall for those tricks lol. Mind you our mom did like the idea of pill pockets. Haven't seen those before :) mom did try the bury the pill in piece of chicken trick that sometimes has us fooled!

Poppy Q said...

Hi Tober,

I hated the frontline, it would make me hide outside all day and it actually didn't kill my fleas. We have been trying REVOLUTION and mum is much happier. My coat is more shiny and when she puts it on me, I only run outside for about fifteen minutes. Then I am back inside for cuddles and treats. We reccommend it to all of our friends.

We love the new header of you reading your book. You are so wise!!

Julie and Poppy Q
Wellington, NZ

Sparkle said...

Humans! They think they are so smart - then why can't they come up with a flea treatment that does not need to be dosed in the most yukky, barbaric manner? Sheesh.

Mr. Black said...

Well, Tober. It is too bad you don't like soft treats because that pill could be broken in half and put into two pill pockets. I guess they don't make hard treat pill pockets, but they should think about it. You really should take your pills the easy way, buddy.

Your caretakers might have to use a "piller" to put the pill way back in your mouth and then they hold your mouth closed and touch your nose (which makes you lick your nose and when you lick your nose, you swallow automatically). Whew.

The Island Cats said...

Y'know what, Tober? Our mom is a whiz at pilling us. Or maybe we're just easy. Good luck to the AABs.

Jans Funny Farm said...

We're sorry your staff lies to you. That's terrible. Jan does the same sometimes. They all need a time out to remember who we are!

Jan was buying Comfortis for Buddy cause of his allergies, but she was told it was just for dogs. Did someone tell her wrong?

Anonymous said...

My mommy has used st gabriel's food grade flea powder in my bed and a flea comb and a flea sticky pad night light which is cool because we both are too sensitive too to pesticides.

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Tober, we are hearby firing your AAB's for you. They have a terrible work ethic when it comes to helping you blog. We are very anxious to see how many Christmas cards and gifts you are getting. We may give them a break till after the New Year, since it is near Christmas and all, but after that, they better shape up or ship out! ;)

Mr Puddy said...

Merry Christmas !!!!
I hope you and your family have a best best time
Lots of love

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

We hopes you got some good treats and toys to whap around from Santy Paws!!!

Thank you for the kind words about our brofur. We miss him but we know we will see him again one day.

Mandu said...

Where's Tober??
Hope you are OK.
Have a happy and healthy 2013.
Furry Hugs,

Handsome Hal said...

Hi Tober. We just red yer mousebreth interview. Nice to meetcha.