Thursday, September 12, 2013


AAB Kathy is working really really hard to prepare a new program for our small and medium-sized library visitors.  (These also tend to be the noisier visitors.)  She was inspired by AAB Britta's "Teen Crafternoon" program (which was probably ripped off from some other unsuspecting library, kind of like our 2011 Festival of the Turning Leaves float) to host a Crafternoon Jr.

One of AAB Kathy's crafts is a fall scene that requires lots of little paper dots for "leaves".  So she hole-punched and hole-punched and hole-punched until her paws were sore and put all of her dots in a little cup.

And left it on her desk.

For ME to find.

*nom nom nom*
I just had to investigate what was in that little cup. . . and I like to see things fall on the floor!  An accident happened when I did them both.

Since AAB Kathy was all mad and stuff, AAB Karen came in and picked up all of the little dots one by one.  (We couldn't use the sweeper because they were still needed for Crafternoon Jr.)

I don't know what everyone was so upset about.  It could have been glitter!

Here's the link if anyone wants to see the really cute craft that the children will be making.

Off to see what other interesting things I can find in staff offices,



JC said...

Tober you are the cutest orange cat ever. I mean it. Don't tell my Riley though. lol

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

*snicker* Well played!

Sparkle said...

I checked out that craft project, Tober... and I think your craft project of knocking the dots off the desk looks like more fun (at least for us kitties)!

John Bellen said...

If they didn't want you investigating, they should have put the cup elsewhere, right?

curator said...

I see a lot of the dots were orangey...maybe you thought they were tiny bits of you??

da tabbies o trout towne said...

tober....yea...coulda been glittter or like.... oh....bottles of ink...a can oh paint....gallon o grape juice!!!! ~~~~~~

The Island Cats said...

Well, they shouldn't have left the cup there for you to investigate, Tober. Enquiring minds and all that. :)

ellie said...

maybe you were just experimenting with your own creative version of the falling leaves picture :D

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

Great attention getter, Tober! We are proud of you dude!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

We would have had to investigate to Tober! We bet she wasn't mad for long though, how could anyone stay mad with all that cuteness you have going on?