Saturday, May 17, 2014

Carnation = Instant Breakfast

You're gonna love it in an instant!

You probably think I'm going to write about the powdered drink mix.  

Nope.  Even better!

Wow, I love love love biting on silk flowers!  The library staff leave them all over the place for my enjoyment in the springtime.  This year they've started complaining about how ratty all of the flowers are looking.

Guess they'll have to go buy more!

AAB Kathy may have to add "Photographer" to her job description.  Yesterday she took an awesome photo of me:

Look at the multiple Tobers in that shot!  Notice how she caught my blatant disregard for her photographic efforts!  See how my ear furnishings are nicely profiled at that angle!

In addition to being a Photographer, AAB Kathy is now an Officially Certifiable.

Oh, hang on a minute. . . .

Oops.  Okay, AB Christine just said AAB Kathy is Officially Certified as a Librarian.  That is a super-good thing!  Yay Kathy!

Apparently "Certifiable" has another meaning. Whoops!

A Certified Carnation Instant Breakfast Lover,



Anonymous said...

Whew, glad to hear the carnation is silk Tober because real carnations I learned are toxic to cats. Yes! I just learned there are over 400 plants that are toxic to you(ASPCA). Take care of your handsome self and your "staff". Liz in Cleveland Oh

Sparkle said...

I wish my human had some of those silk carnations - I love chewing on pen flowers too and for some selfish reason she refuses to indulge me!

TrixieAndLily said...

We've missed you Tober! We've been gone and have a new blog now! You are lucky they leave all those pretend flowers around for you to chew on. Our Sammy-Joe used to like to eat REAL flowers in the backyard sometimes... so Mama planted him a catnip plant! Maybe your mom can plant you one too!

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Congratulations to AAB Kathy :)

hopefully she takes a lot more photos of you

Jans Funny Farm said...

Yep, big oops on the certifiable word. Congrats on her getting certified, though. :)