Friday, February 20, 2015

Hoodie Hooooo!

My library friends are no slouches when it comes to banishing winter!

Today might have been the coldest Hoodie Hoo Day we've ever celebrated here at Thorntown Public Library.  It was a whopping 12 degrees outside at noon sharp, which is when intrepid Hoodie Hoo Crew trooped out the west entrance to give Old Man Winter the what-for.  I think they did a great job.  

Especially since I managed to nap inside, in the warmth, during the whole ordeal.  

Go away, Winter!  I command it!

Bossily yours, 


PS - I have gotten lots of extra treats, cuddles, and tummy rubs in recognition of Love Your Pet Day.  I guess this bunch is alright, after all.


The Whiskeratti said...

Oh, I wish your command could work here too. Go away winter! Far far away.

Summer said...

I hope this works for them! Well, at least you got some goodness for Love Your Pet Day!

Mr Puddy said...

MOL..bossily yours
Dude, don't worry me send you warm weather from Australia to melt it is HOTE !
Stay warm

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

we all really appreciate the attempt!