Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Cat Art

As a cat, I shed.  Sometimes a lot.  And I have discovered that whenever I'm near someone wearing a dark color it's inevitable that somehow or another my fur will be all over them.  It's like a law of nature. But along with this, it almost seems that I have a sixth sense.  In fact, I think a lot of cats have this sense.  It is the ability to just somehow know when someone has decided that today is the day they are going to wear dark colored clothing (or light clothing if you are a dark haired cat).  And the moment that I realize this, is the moment I go searching for whoever has made this decision.  
Once I find them, I take the wonderful opportunity they have presented me with and I create beautiful cat fur art all over them for everyone to enjoy!  But as much I love cat fur art, humans don't quite seem to see the value of it.  I know this because as soon as I have finished my lovely creation they go find a fancy eraser called a "lint roller" and erase it!  
The "Fancy" Eraser

And in the process of erasing my art, they insult it (and my fur) by calling it lint!  Humans just don't appreciate cat culture the same way we cats do.  
Well, the other day, a particular someone on staff decided to wear all black.  I thought she had worn black just for me.  I created a beautiful artwork all over her and she promptly erased it. 
My beautiful creation

 She didn't even wait until I left so she could discreetly erase it.  Nope, she just demolished my art in front of me.  I was slightly offended.  Of course, I asked for treats in apology.  But this staff member is stingy and only gave me one treat.  One treat!  I may have been a little miffed.  If anything, this experience has shown me that humans need more cat art.  

In search of the person wearing dark colors today,


Summer said...

Humans just don't appreciate cat art, what can I say?

da tabbies o trout towne said...

dood....we haz come ta lurn that peepulz just due knot apurreciatez de finer thingz in life...& for sure sum thin kneadz ta bee done bout de treet a lot mint...stay safe & healthee :) ♥♥

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

Hope you found lots of dark colors to create your beautiful orange art on!

John Bellen said...

That was inconsiderate of the staff-member to erase your work like that, Chance. I always wait until several cats have done their work; I find the combinations are quite artistic. And it saves the effort of cleaning up each individual cat's effort...

Beth Waltz said...

Very nicely executed, Chance! And I complement your work as one who lives with a white long-haired tom known to my friends as "Der Floofmeister". (He doesn't even need direct contact to make an impression on dark slacks.)

Beth Waltz said...

My great white floofmeister viewed this from his favorite spot upon the keyboard: he approves your message.