Saturday, January 16, 2021

New Year's Resolutions 2021

 1.  Get out of the office more to see people.  

2.  Find the biggest sun puddle yet.

3.  Spend more time watching the jumping and flying things.  

4. Take at least one lap around the building a day.  

5.  Continue going downstairs everyday at 3:00pm (unless I'm napping)  

6.  Post a blog post every other week? 

7. Learn a new trick    Teach Barb L. a new trick

Happy New Year!



Summer said...

Maybe I should teach my human a new trick too - she is getting lazy!

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

Those are great resolutions, Chance!

John Bellen said...

I'd like to see more blog entries from you, Chance. And those others are good resolutions, too. (I like that picture of you: very determined-looking...)

pilch92 said...

Those sound like good resolutions. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!

e said...

What a great list!

Beth Waltz said...

Well thought out, dear Chance! One feels certain you'll achieve many of your goals in 2021. I especially approve your ambitious aim to capture that "biggest" sun puddle: you can do it!