Thursday, July 21, 2022

Exploring Adventures

 Even after you've lived somewhere almost your whole life, there are still new places to explore.  This is why I make it a point to keep exploring the Library.  Well, that and I need to keep an eye on what all the staff is doing.  Someone has to make sure work is actually getting done around here.  

Here are a few of my recent explorations:  

Exploration #1:  The Hidey Hole behind The Hidey Box

    This Hidey Hole is one of my favorite places to explore because I can almost always find a long-lost treat, waiting to be munched.  

Aha, the treat I saved the other day!

Exploration #2:  The Cabinet Full of..... Oh good, more books. 
      Really, though....what did I expect?   

Smells like books...  

....Because it is more books...

Exploration #3:  The Closet of Various Things
    To get into this closet, all you have to do is stare at the door and then someone will magically come along and open it for you.  Once you're inside, there are numerous corners to sniff and too-high windows to look at.  

Maybe there's another treat in here...

Is that greenery, or the yucky fake stuff?

Exploration #4:  Karen's Green Greenery Bag
    This is probably the best-smelling exploration site of all.  Smells like vegetables, outside, and all the green things I'm not allowed to eat.  

*sniff, sniff*

What happened to all the greenery?

Exploration #5: The Side Entrance Where All the Books Come Flying Through the Chute
       This spot is also full of a lot of interesting smells.  Mainly from the books that get dropped into the chute.  

The paparazzi are following me again.  

Here comes another book...

To sum up my recent exploring adventures, I found a long-lost treat, more books, and some unusual smells.  Oh, and at least one staff member who needed to give me a tummy rub.  I didn't find any new sunshine puddles, which was a little disappointing, but maybe some new ones will turn up next time.  

I'm off to find more long-lost treats,


John Bellen said...

What a lot of places you have to explore, Chance. I like that you are able to find little snacks as you explore. That's incentive! And I like the Closet of Various Things; you're sure to find something interesting in there each time.

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

How lucky you are, Chance, to live in such an awesome wonderland!

Beth Waltz said...

Well snooped, Chance!