Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Haiku Day April 17th

Time to wake up? Wrong. 
I just got started on my
tenth nap of the day. 

If you are a cat,

find a sunbeam for napping,

and never leave it.  

- Chance  

Chance is a nice cat

and he has very few flaws

but he sleeps too much.

and he needs his rest.  

- Chance

In sunbeams I sprawl,

dreams of treats fill my slumber,

feast, then sleep, my call. 



ZOOLATRY said...

Hi Chance, we enjoyed seeing you and visiting with you again ... and thought your haiku was very very good. Hope you had a chance to share it with the children who came to the library today! Can't wait to see you again sometime soon.
BTW, my name is JUNE, and I'm a cat and I live in Baltimore.

My GBGV Life said...

Perfect cat Haikus!

John Bellen said...

Those poems are publication-worthy, Chance. And I feel the same as you do in each poem. It's good to see you back again.