Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Very exciting times!

First I must say Thank goodness my Assistant Boss is back! I am very, very happy that she is back where she belongs--with me. This library bunch is pretty difficult to manage, but I did my best. Let me tell you--it is very hard to manage people who can scoop you up and lock you in an office when they think you're being too bossy. This happened quite a bit. I told AB Karen, and I trust her to take care of this insubordinate behavior.

Special accolades go to Assistant Assistant Boss Friend Cathie, who went above and beyond the call of duty when I was missing Karen. Cathie brought in a mousie for me to chase. It was not a real mouse (which I would have considered a belated Christmas gift), but it moved around on the floor so I could chase it. It was as dumb as a real mouse, because it ran into walls willy-nilly, and got stuck under the rocking chair for a bit.
Here is a picture of me with the mouse:

I posed very nicely for this picture. This next picture, I did not pose for. I must say I am getting tired of folks creeping around with cameras, taking embarrassing photos.

It is very unnerving to look up from cleaning your nether parts to see someone turning on a camera. So far I have managed to avoid being photographed in that unfortunate position, but these people are very sneaky.

Now that my Assistant Boss is back, I can relax a bit. She is much better at Bossing, because the other Library Staff do NOT pick her up and lock her in her office when she begins roaming the building. I spent the day helping her catch up on paperwork. I also ate a lot of food and napped a bunch.

I also must tell you that today is a Big Snow Day in Boone County. Everything outside is white and cold, and I am very glad that I am a Library Cat. I am also glad that my library is open today, so that I can have plenty of food and petting.

Coming up I have a very important blog. I am famous. Look for it in a few days!

Stay warm,


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