Wednesday, January 7, 2009


On Tuesday evening I startled Assistant Assistant Boss Chris Hawkins, who was working in her office. I did not mean to scare her, but I wanted to make sure that she was working back there (she was). I meowed a big Meow, and I guess she wasn't expecting me, so I scared her a bit. I was just trying to do my supervisory duties, but Assistant Assistant Boss Chris called Assistant Assistant Boss Christine and asked her to retrieve me.

So Christine came and got me, and locked me in the Processing Office. Can you believe it?

What's worse is that she took pictures of me! And she was smiling about it!

Here I am saying
Let me out of here!

Here I am saying
How dare you?

Here I am saying
You are demoted to Litterbox Scooper!

I need to train my nighttime coworkers to understand that at 6:00 pm, I expect full access to library nooks and crannies. It is very hard for me to do my job when I am cooped up in an office. One of the customers even commented on my captivity; perhaps they will rally around me and insist that the Boss should not be locked up.

I gave AAB Christine a stern talking to, but it probably won't help. This morning she tackled me to keep me from going downstairs. Some humans are very hard to train.

Aside from my coworkers having the notion that they can decide where I should be stationed at any given time, I am having a nice week. I have polished off one can of treats, and am working on two other packages at the same time! The food here is excellent!

Meows & Purrs,


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Gisa Berret said...

Hahahahahahaha poor Tober!
How dare Christine?