Monday, March 23, 2009


On Saturday I learned that I do have a limit when it comes to treats. Unfortunately I learned a little too late. I would have pictures, but my photographer was not available, and you wouldn't want to see them anyways.

Today I got mostly tummy rubbings and a little Catnip. I feel all better now. I think I'll take it easy on the treats for a while.

Oh, and on further consideration (and attendance) I've decided that Staff Meetings are fabulous! No matter how "Important" the meeting is, my tummy is First Thing on the Agenda!

He of the rumbly tumbly,



Tuck said...

Oh no...the treat tummy. That's never good! I once threw up on my bed because I got too many treats!

Poppy Q said...

Poor Tober, sometimes there is too much of a good thing.

My mums old cat, Puss - she wolfed down too many chicken necks, then she decided they would look nice on mums brand new duvet and sheets (at 1am).

Chicken necks are a good treat, and good for kitties teeth.

I hope your tummy feels better soon.
Poppy Q