Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where in the world is Tober?

You can't see me!

No, really. . . you can't see me!

Okay. I guess maybe you can see me.

So you found me! Hooray for you! Now I can go back to watching the birdies in peace.

Yesterday morning was very not-busy at my Library. I think this was because the Outside was so nice. It was sunny, and the Library Staff did not come in wearing a lot of extra clothes like they do when it's cold out. The birdies seemed to have a Very Good Day, so I spent much of my morning watching them.

Assistant Boss Karen did not come to see me in the morning. I was frustrated at first. I kept looking around for her.

Here's a secret about me. The restrooms are right around the corner from my office. I hear the people go in (the doors make a sound that alerts me), so I wait for them to come out. I used to just do this to Karen. . . I will yell at her to come out, because I can't see her in there! (Humans do not put windows on bathrooms for some reason. Yet they take pictures of me washing and visiting my Box. Huh!)

So yesterday morning while I was napping I heard the restroom door shut. What if it was Karen and I missed her! What if I didn't greet her? Would she think we weren't Best Friends and Officemates anymore? So I stood outside the restroom door and meowed. I wanted to let her know I was waiting for her! I was happy she was home!

You know where this is going. I was NOT my Assistant Boss Karen. It was a nice lady and an itty-bitty girl. To be honest, I did the same thing to a nice man who visited the library on Friday. The Staff is starting to tease me about being a "Bathroom Stalker" who terrorizes customers.

Assistant Assistant Boss Christine played Apple Fetch with me yesterday morning. She is getting well-trained, too, although she grumbles a bit when she has to fetch the Apple from under the rocking chair in the corner.

Here I am getting fed up with her Treat Stinginess. I know the Apple is next to me, but I ALSO know that the treats are in her hand.

See my cup back there? Tober's Cup. Yep. That's my water!

Keeping an eye on Library business,



Monty Q. Kat said...

*chuckles* Does that mean you've got your eyes on the world?

Tuck said...

You got the world at the tips of your paws Tober!

The Island Cats said...

We don't think you are a stalker at all, Tober! You just wanna know where everybody is!!!

Rusty said...

Tober, that globe has EARS! Oh, wait, it's YOU behind there.

I stand at the bathroom door here and cry while my Mom is in there. I don't know why she just won't let me in. I think she's afraid I'll jump on her lap when she's busy using the human water box.

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Tober, we gaved you an award. Come see when you can take a break.

Cliff and Olivia said...

You're the coolest cat. We only got our own two humans and we like to go into the bathroom with them to make sure they don't disappear.