Sunday, April 5, 2009

My long-distance relationship

Hi everybody!

It's been another busy and exciting week and the Library. . . so busy, that I waited until all of the Staff got out of here so I can use a Computer to post on this blog. This week was Spring Break for the local students, so I got to see lots of people in my Library.

I have a new Fan in my Fan Club. The beautiful girl-cat, Kumari, lives at my old home with my Assistant Boss Karen. (If I still had my "stuff" I'd probably ask her out on a date!) Kumari is a Bengal cat. AB Karen was reading my blog at home one day when Kumari took notice of my Handsome Man-Catliness:

Unfortunately, she was looking at the somewhat embarrassing photo taken after I was attacked by an Evil Sticker Monster. Still, she seemed to think I was a nice-looking fellow. Poor Kumari tried to reach out and stroke my handsome face, not realizing that she was only looking at a picture of me:

I didn't know much about this beautiful Kumari-girl, although I had smelled a new cat-smell on my AB Karen over the last few weeks. I realize that many of my Staff have Personal House-Cats to help them cope with my absence while they are at home, anxiously awaiting their returns to Work (and to me).

Karen brought in pictures of Kumari so that other Staff members could see her, and that's when I first saw her. This is me saying YOWZA! She is One Hot Tamale!

Karen tells me that Kumari is a sweet, playful girl, and that she is adapting well to her new life at Karen's house. Unfortunately, Kumari has FIP, or Feline Infectious Peritonitis. (To read more about FIP, click on the linky.) She will need Medicines and Extra Loving Care to help her live a happy, long life. Karen is doing her Very Very Best to make sure that she is comfortable, loved, and happy. She is doing well for now, and we are hoping that she has lots of good times ahead of her. Kumari is not a blogging cat, but please keep her in your thoughts and purrs!

Smitten with a kitten,



Laila and Angel Minchie said...

Oh, Tober, Kumari is gorgeous! She is lucky to have a nice home to live in being that she has the FIP. Thanks Cod for the innernets! You can keep in touch with each others.

The Island Cats said...

Oh we can see why you got the hots for Kumari! She's beautiful! And we hope she continues to stay well!

Misha said...

She is quite the looker, Tober!

Poppy Q said...

Kumari looks like a sweetie, and her mom is doing a good job of looking after her.

You are making so many new friends Tober, well done.

Tuck said...

Wow Tober, Kumari is a foxy ladycat!!

Karen said...

Tober, the above is Kumari's typing as she is sending you a message to say she is glad you like her pictures. She often helps type. partly because she likes the cursor's movement and partly because if she is in the way, she gets her chin scratched--just like you do at work in the library!! She wants to thank you for the purrs, too.
Karen and Kumari