Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have a lot of Nicknames.

I don't really understand why I need a lot of Nicknames. My name is Tober. It isn't that long or complicated to say. But for some reason, my staff insist on calling me a lot of OTHER names. Some of them are nice names, like Big Man, Little Sweet Boy, Handsome, or Buddy.

Some are a bit insulting, like Fatso, Stink, and Booger.

And one Nickname that I haven't quite figured out: Smeet. This was condensed from a longer version: Smeet-Face Cat.

I've also been called an Itty Bitty Bosslet, and a Handsome Red-Head, and Tobey, and Kitty Kitty, and Doodle.

Do any of you have weird Nicknames that your people insist on calling you? Why do they do this?

Confusedly yours,

Big Man
Kitty Kitty


Quinn and Angel brandi said...

At least you aren't PoopyButt when your employees clean your litterbox.
Smeet??? Haven't figured that one out yet.
I have also been called some horrible names (like niphead, snookums, Pumpkins, tweety), but I happened to have gotten used to brandi candi, and Sugar Pie (my boyfriendcat, Mr. Hendrix and I use Sugar Pie a lot to each other).
But I CHOSE my name, brandi. Yes, why do they do this?
But Tober, Handsome is a good nickname for such a noble cat as you. Much better than Stink.

Amy & the house of cats said...

Hi Tober! We think all your nicknames are pretty cute, but we like the ones like Handsome and Little Sweet Boy the best, because we totally think they seem perfect for you!

We all have nicknames, but some of the stranger ones are:

Creamsicle or Creamsicle boy (for Gus because he is orange and white - not because he tastes like a creamsicle)
StellyBelly (no idea why other than the rhyme)
SmileyJoe (for Barney - yeah, we get the Smiley, but Joe?)

Most of ours are just variations on our names, but some, like the ones above, are just weird!

JC said...

My cat Ashton Rosevelt is called Tony Bolony ... I know ... silly.

Meredith Ann is call Mere.

Alexander is called Big Al or Grandsonny.

Riley is called Baby Kitty even though he's four now.

Jasmine is call Jazzy or Princess.

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

These humans and their nicknames for us! We love Itty Bitty Bosslet though!

Ikaika said...

Tober, you are a sweet, handsome boy, so we totally understand those names. But yeah, sometimes humans can go overboard on the nicknames.

I am called 'Kaika or Puppy (I know, right!!!) or Kaikatoo or Kaikaroo or Little Man or Buddy.

Midnight is called Little Big Mouth or Baby Duck.

Stella is called Stellie or Stellie Bellie or Mama.

Blackie is called Black the Knife.

Tanith is called Tanner or Tanner Bug.

Miss Kitty is just called Miss Kitty.

The Island Cats said...

Hey Smeet, we have lots of nicknames too. Ernie is called Easy E or Bubbs. Zoey is called The Little Princess or Pumpkin Head or Peanut. And me? I'm called W (dubbaya) or Big Guy. Why humans have to come up with these "cute" names for us, we'll never unnerstand.


Cat Mandu said...

Hi, Tober!
Sometimes Mom calls me "Sweetie Pie" or "Doodles", except when she's angry with me and calls me "Buster!"

Puss said...

Hi Tober

My Mum calles me Munchkin!!! Where she got that from I don't know. Munchkin implies small, whereas I'm a big fat ginger cat!


Floppy said...

My name is Floppynoppypathilification kitty but my owners just call me Floppy. I have never understood this as my full name is so awesome. Have a great day Tober!

Sparkle said...

I don't get the nickname thing either, but it seems like all us cats wind up getting them. Although I like them when they are given to my roommates. Like Binga, my mean tortie roommate, is sometimes called "Big Baby." She thinks that is a term of affection, but it is actually because she is literally a big baby about a lot of things!

Oh yeah, I have a couple nicknames too, but we won't talk about those...

The Whiskeratti said...

Sighs. All hoomins do this. At least the Moms do. We have so many we've lost count, including Angel Bug, Pookie and Pookette... sad.

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Oh Tober, it is a cross all felines bear...the dreaded nicknames. Now we don't mind the nice ones, but the not so nice ones....yes we could do without those.

Well, the one I most dislike is Grumpy. And the one I most like is Handsome Man.~~Junior

The one I most dislike is Stinky. The one I most like is Sweetie.~~Orion