Friday, March 18, 2011

Apparently, the Bird's the Word

Birds now outnumber cats 2 to 1 in this Library.

Remember how I said I was looking out for more Treachery? Here it is!

And no, we can't just have normal birds in here--not the small, pretty, snack-sized birds. We need huge, monstrous, terrifying scary-birds.

The first bird is a juvenile bald eagle. We've had it for a while, and that's okay. It's in a box. It can't get me.

It's also in a very relaxed, non-threatening, I've-just-eaten-a-big-meal-and-can't-possibly-eat-a-cat position.

Now, today, thanks to the Boone County Conservation League, we have a red-tailed hawk. The staff ladies seem to be all in a tizzy about it (the good kind, like when you bring them chocolate), but I don't trust it one bit:

First problem? It's not in a box. Second problem? It looks like it might want to eat me. Third problem? I am a Brave Tough Mancat and it makes me want to go cower in my litter box. (I can't believe I just said that to the whole Internets.)

I would have a better close-up picture of it, but my AAB Photographer is busy cowering in fear only five feet two and not terribly good about ladders (trans. wuss) so we'll have to wait to look it in the eye.

Be glad.

So how will I cope with this new development?

If you need me, I'll be NOT near the bird.

Nervous Purrs,



Cindy said...

You poor kitty! They do look like they could swoop down on you and eat you. But you are safe in your hidey-hole.

Cat Mandu said...

I'd go check him out, myself! Does he really belong there!?

Cauli Le Chat (at Mooresville Public Library) said...


Here's what you do. Have one of your AABs get a bungee cord, attach one end to the wall and the other to the winged terror's ankle (does it have an ankle?) or somewhere above the talons. Then, when it tries to swoop down to grab you, it will bounce backwards to its perch. Pretty slick, and potentially hilarious.

Mr Puddy said...

You made the right choice, Tober
They look creepy !!!!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Tober, if that birdie trys to getyou, you let us know and we will teleport over to help you take him out!

Sparkle said...

OMC!!! That thing is frightening! Can't they put it somewhere else? Like somewhere where you will never have to see it?

ellie said...

Bea and Buttons are on their way to help u sort out the bird problem! Although that Hawk looks pretty big and powerful!

Kitikata-san said...

Oh dear, that creature up there is not friendly to the feline set. Poor Tober.

William R. Buckley said...

Tober, you should get one of those chicken muzzles talked about in the July, 1938 issue of "Mechanix Illustrated." Here's the URL showing a picture of the article: