Friday, August 5, 2011

Foodie Friday

Many of you were shocked and appalled when you found out that I did NOT get to try any of the Wonderful Foods at the International Food Tasting a few weeks ago.

I was shocked and appalled, too, and I let the Staff know that I felt left out and sad.

So to rectify this grievous error, my coworkers arranged for me to have a Food Tasting of my Very Own.

No Humans Allowed.

Here I have Posty-Notes, two kinds of Temptations, Pounces, Stinky Fish Flakes, Party Mix, Catnip, and a Gum Wrapper! I love love love all of these things!

Now, the Staff doesn't actually feed me Posty-Notes. What happens is, they use Posty-Notes to leave each other Super-Important Library Business Messages, and I eat them when they go home at night. I especially love the tiny ones.

I love the special Stinky Fish Flakes, too. AAB Cathie feeds me these special. Nobody else has any in their desk drawers.

I also love Gum Wrappers, especially Orbit Sweet Mint flavor. When AAB Christine gets out a piece of gum, I come running to see if I can have the wrapper. Usually she hides them in her desk drawer, because she discovered that if she puts them in the trash I find them and eat them.

I didn't get the Gum Wrapper in the picture because I'd already stolen one this week.

My Food Tasting was delicious and exhausting.

Now, furry blogging friends, I highly suggest that you demand a special food tasting of your own! What are your favorite treats? Do any of you have strange things you like to nom on?

Full of treats and Love,



Princess Jasmine said...

Wow, what a lovely lot of tasty treats you got to try. Mummy says you can come round to her library any time and nom on their post-it notes, they have different coloured ones. I have a very sweet tooth and love icecream. Last weekend I stole a samosa off my mummies plate and ran out in the garden with it! I was a good kitty and shared it with my big brother Simba. I hope you get lots more treats Tober :)xx

Cat Mandu said...

So, what was wrong with the "Tuna Pounce"?
You really did a good job of sampling.
P.S. It's OK to visit me, you know.

Katnip Lounge said...

Tober, we want to know how to obtain our Own Libraries! Your very own private Taste Test, AND have the life!

Sparkle said...

You left the Tuna Pounce, Tober! Did they pale next to the fish flakes?

Stella said...

Hi Tober:

I am very happy to see you getting good noms from your staff after them totally overlooking you at the earlier feed. Rude, in my book!

I have been eating some stinky fish flakes lately and they are my fave! Second would come good deli Ham or Turkey. Then some yogurt, just plain, no flavors please.

Eating posty notes? I am not sure about that, but we have a few around, I may try one.

Head bumps and purrs to you too, Tober, and Stella sends some sniffs your way (ugh!)

Ali Zophia aka Zkhat

♥I am Holly♥ said...

Tober, you really have a wonderful staff and a great place to stay!!! So many treats...yummy!!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

Ikaika said...

Wow! I love your job! I wish our library was hiring.

Kitikata-san said...

Tober, what a good idea, a taste test just for you!! I love it so much! I know I don't like nip (I know, the only cat who doesn't), but I do love temptations and pounce very much! I have not tasted posted notes nor gum wrapper, but upon your recommendations, I may try them one day.

Team Tabby said...

Look at all the choices you have, Tober! We are not sure about the post-it notepaper or the gum wrapper - well, Mike in our crew would probably go for those, he will eat anything! We saw him eat a frozen mushroom that fell on the floor, yuck.

Happy sampling!!

ellie said...

What a fantastic food tasting event! Stinky fish flakes sound yum!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Weel, we are glad your staff finally found time to rectify their grevious error!

Purrsonally, we think those treats should be available to you at all times!!! Well, except for the post-its and gum wrappers.....we don't want those getting stuck in your system and causing you to have to go see the v-e-t!