Friday, May 11, 2012

Finally Friday

Last week we sent Flat Cauli V back to Mooresville Public Library via courier bag.  Flat Five was easy to pack, but we wanted to make sure she was in a nice padded envelope, and that she wouldn't get misdirected when she got home.  So we made her a special label and taped everything up nice and neat.

Then I sat on her.

Of course, my staff was just horrified by my behavior.  What they don't realize is that I'm not going to sit on just ANYBODY.  I mean, it takes a lot of trust to sit on someone!  And almost as much to turn your back on them!

So my behavior is a sign of my respect for and friendship with Flat Cauli (and the real deal, of course).  Duh. 

If you've been over to Cauli's blog lately, you can tell I'm a bit behind on my postings.  I am happy to report that Flat Five and the other contents of the Special Delivery made it safely home to Mooresville Public Library.  Pop on over and say "hi" if you have a minute!

Yesterday AAB Photographer captured my "concerned" look in a photo.  She often gripes that she has about 4,000+ "bored" faces, 20-something "mad" faces, and a handful of "worried-about-thunderboomers" faces--but I'm not one to show concern very often.

Well, of course not.  I'm Boss and I run a tight ship.  I'm only concerned when AAB Becki has a day off and I have to rely on one of these staff ladies to get my supper and scoop my box.

But in this picture, I look a little worried.

What do you think I'm concerned about?

Happy Friday, everybody!  I'll try to get some visits in over the weekend--wish me luck!




Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Uh-oh...we bet you are concerned because you heard the nasty v-e-t word!

And you are so right! It does take alot of trust for us to sit on someone!!!

Sparkle said...

Humans are a little dense when it comes to understanding kitty language, Tober - if it does not involve words they are a little lost (and even when it DOES involve words, they often misunderstand). Sitting is not on their comprehension level.

I read Cauli's posts every day, and I saw that awesome package of stuff you sent along!

I am not so sure you are concerned in that last photo as maybe a little scared - after all, that IS a Stephen King novel you are sitting next to!

Princess Jasmine said...

Ermm, you haven't been reading that book next to you have you? I think that would give me a scary worried look :)xx

ellie said...

Maybe concerned look is because there is a feline intruder in your territory! Glad flat Cauli made it back to Moorseville, despite being sat on :)

Katnip Lounge said...

Tober, I sit on my siblings and squash them!~~Tiny Johnson

Are you concerned because the treat jar is empty?

John Bellen said...

You're a good friend to sit on Flat Five like that, Tober. After all, a cat won't sit on someone's lap unless he likes them. That's a sign of friendship.