Friday, November 7, 2008

My work uniform

Today one of my colleagues presented me with my new work uniform. It's a purple collar (she called it a necklace, ha ha) with a fish on it, and the number 636.8. She said it was the Dewey number for a cat. I tried to tell her that the work uniform was completely unnecessary; I know I'm a cat, and most of the customers should be able to figure out that I'm a cat. . . so what's the point? I'm perfectly handsome just as I am!

So she put the collar on anyway. Let me tell you, I let her have it! I scrunched my head back as far as it would go, laid my ears back, and glared at her. She couldn't get that silly thing off me quick enough. She's been apologizing ever since.

We'll just see if any other coworkers try to put a collar on me. I WILL NOT HAVE IT!

Other than that bit of humiliation, my first week of work has been great! Many customers have come in to meet me, my coworkers have responded to my every whim, and the seating here is fabulous. They even put the teens in a special room, and I can sit on Linda White's desk to watch them. It's like an aquarium, only filled with people (and books). Kinda neat!

Have a happy weekend!


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