Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I met Santa Claus!

We had a party at the library on Monday night, and I met Santa and Mrs. Claus! Santa picked me up and hugged me, and one of the Assistant Assistant Bosses took a picture of us together.

I am going to be on a Christmas card. I'll be a celebrity after that. This Christmas. . . Thorntown. Next Christmas. . . BOONE COUNTY!!!!

The party began at 6:30. This is when I usually begin my evening romp through the office, but I decided that I would relax and watch the endless flow of little kids and big kids coming upstairs to make crafts and take pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

The kids did crafts at two big tables right outside my office:

They also worked in the young adult room right next door, so I had a great view of everything. They had a great view of me, too. I have fingerprints all over my office door, I had so many admirers!

I heard that they even had a reindeer downstairs. Arctic Aaron brought one, and people got to pet it and take pictures with it! I didn't believe them until I saw some pictures.
I wish someone had told me that a reindeer was coming. I bet they didn't want me scaring her too badly. I am a tiger-kitty with very muscular paws and pointy teeth, and my presence might have made the reindeer nervous. I bet that's it. . .

After everyone met the reindeer, they came upstairs again to take more pictures with the Clauses. Even the Assistant Boss (Karen) got in on the fun! I don't know what she told Santa she wanted for Christmas. . . I hope it's a red dot, because I've almost caught it a few times.

It was a long, busy night, but it was also lots of fun. I am still recuperating from all the excitement. I have napped for almost two days straight, and I've hardly had the energy to tip things over in the evenings.


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