Friday, March 27, 2009

Things I like to play with.

You may remember that I like to chew on Cords. I like chewing on them so much that I broke my New Year's Resolution by destroying Assistant Boss Karen's monitor cable. . . although I did it in stages, so I should get a little credit.

I've discovered that there are many other things that are fun to chew in a Library. Here are some of my Favorites.

Von's Ape Bookmark:

Von's Ape Bookmark has a very nice and foamy consistency. It is nice to hold in my teeth, and I can chew little bits off and leave them in the floor. This irritates Von, because I guess she likes her Ape Bookmark. However, as Boss of Thorntown Public Library, the fact that I like to eat it overrides the fact that she likes to look at it. Besides, have you noticed the shifty eyes on that thing?

Christine's Jade Plant:

Christine's Jade Plant has nice, thick, juicy leaves. Eating the Jade Plant is a bit of an adventure, because Christine seems to think that she can hide it from me. No matter where she puts it, I will track it down and chew a previously unblemished leaf. It is nice to have a change of Scenery with each dining experience.

Everyone's Papers:

Paper comes in many wonderful sizes and textures, and all are equally fun to chew on. The curlicues of paper that postage stamps come on is one of my favorite varieties, and I am training the Staff to save these for me after Newsletter Day. I'm also fond of anything Important that Karen happens to be working on. This means that I have a continuous supply of Important Documents and Emails to snack on. I've recently discovered that Receipts from the new receipt printers crinkle very nicely in my masculine front paws and strong, sharp teeth. My vicious paper-tearing should impress everyone, considering that I do not have Fingernails to assist in the destruction.

I also play with Gourds now. This is Nice, because now Karen and I have a common interest. Our mutual love of Gourds, combined with my interest in dropping things and Karen's love of picking things up, makes us very good Office-mates. Here I am demonstrating my Gourd-slapping technique:

I have to use my hands when I drop the Gourd because there isn't a nice sturdy stem to grab with my teeth. Gourds are also much lighter than little apples, so sometimes I get a good Slap-shot in and fling them across the room.

Here is a Very Good Picture of Me, so that your weekends start out Happy:

In this picture I am working very hard to hide my irritation with my Assistant Assistant Boss. It's tough being a Celebrity.

TPL's Gourd-geous Library Cat,



Kim Simpson said...

Hello - stumbled across your blog. Tober looks just like my beloved Bugsy who passed away last year at 19-years-old. His twin sister is still wirh me. Wonderful idea for a blog. I have bookmarked you and wish you & Tober many years of happiness together :)
Best Wishes,
Kim Simpson

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

My goodness, a library cat's work is never done! You are doing great, Tober!

Laila and Minchie
your Chicago fans