Friday, April 6, 2012

The Talk.

My Assistant Boss Karen has a very hard time staying put.

Her official Assigned place is the office which I share with her. To be more specific, her place is the chair in my office which I (sometimes) share with her. (Sometimes I sit on the desk because I can snoopervise her better from there. Also, I can ask for treats and drink from my Very Own water cup.) (Oh, and sometimes I sit in another chair and nap.) (And sometimes I get locked out of MY office because there's some laptop cord I'm not supposed to nibble on lying around--but that's a story for another day.)

So the problem here is that I can't properly manage her from anywhere, because all of this running around cuts into my Naptime. If she would just stay put, I could snooze peacefully somewhere in my Office and know that she's getting things done. I don't have time to follow her all over the place, and there are certain places that I will NOT follow her (like Outside).

So I decided that I need to have a Talk with her about her overly-active lifestyle. So that she would take me Seriously, I asked AABs Becki and Bonnie to join us. (I'm not afraid to use a little Intimidation--sometimes it's necessary with this one.)

See how we all tell AB Karen to Stay Put?!? This Bossing is serious business, my friends.

Unfortunately, I must report that this Talk had absolutely zero effect on AB Karen, and she continues to zoom all over the place during the day.

But she does generally carry a bag of treats with her when she's moving around, so that's something.

Bossing is Tough Stuff,



Jo's World said...

Hi dear Tober:

I see you are having problems with Karen again. Here is a solution to what might slow her down. Go to a place that sells Gym equipment and buy a couple of leg weights, 50 pounders if you can find them, then get some dumbell weights to sew into her jacket. This could add on at least a couple of hundred pounds and would slow her down quite a bit, and I am sure after trudging around with all that, she might even join you in a nice nap!

Isn't that a good idea, Tober? I hope you can use it. Its not too warm here yet, mostly 50s during the day and 30 to 40 at night. My Mom went to the store today and bought me my favorite sliced ham to eat! Sound yummy?

Purrs, and kisses,
Ziva Zkhat

Sparkle said...

Maybe AB Karen needs to be put on a leash?

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

Perhaps installing a GPS on her will let you keep an eye on her from your comfy chair.

Have a Happy Easter, Tober!