Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another Official Visit

As you all know, I am currently entertaining Flat Cauli V here at TPL.  She was sent here as a representative of the Mooresville Public Library in Mooresville, Indiana--a Most Excellent Library if you're ever in the neighborhood.  MPL has a very special 100th birthday coming up, and it sounds like they have all sorts of excitement planned!

She was great help when it came time to set up the Friends of the Library Spring Booksale last week:

As you can see, we have a pile of "Get Fuzzy" books and lots of puzzles, but there are plenty of other things back there, too!  The staff and volunteers and Flat Five and I were totally exhausted after setting up the sale, so we all refreshed ourselves with cupcakes and naps.

The book sale is still going on--through Saturday--so stop by and get a good bargain on gently used VHS movies, books, audiobooks, and even magazines!

On Tuesday night our Friends had their Annual Meeting and Plant Swap (don't be fooled, this is an excuse to get together and eat cookies).  We had ANOTHER Official Visitor for the occasion!

Mr. Dick Munro from Crawfordsville wrote a book called Paddling Sugar Creek from the Source to the Wabash.  (For my far-away friends, Sugar Creek is a local waterway that passes through My County.)  Mr. Munro came and spoke to the Friends about his book, and read bits of it, and sold and signed his book.  Here he is reading an excerpt:

This photo was taken approximately 2.3 seconds before the tornado sirens went off in Thorntown. 

AAB Photographer did the Right Thing by (1) finding me, (2) picking me up, (3) making sure (with AAB Linda P's help) that no one was Upstairs, and (4) taking me Downstairs where I would be safe.

AB Karen got all of the people to the other safer end of the building.  And about the time we all got there, the sirens stopped and the sun came out.

Now, everybody teased me all evening because I was in my Special spot on the stairs--the one I use when the weather is bad.  Humans don't get it, Critters--we can tell, can't we, when something's going to go all haywire with the weather!

Here is how I feel about Thunderboomers and Tornadoes and stuff:

Mr. Munro and the Friends got to finish up and Swap Plants and have cookies, and I went back to my Stairspot for a bit longer--but all in all, it was a good night.

Flat Five is getting anxious to continue her Library Critter World Tour, so we'll be sending her on her way this week!  Stop by her blog and say hi, and check out her expert reporting on Breaking Library News!

Pooped from all of the Official-ness,



John Bellen said...

Good for you for finding your special spot before anyone else knew there might be trouble. And good that there was no trouble, after all. We don't get a lot of tornado scares here in southern Alberta, but we all feel bad when we hear of them touching down elsewhere.

ellie said...

Glad you and Flat Cauli V are having fun:)The book sale sounds a fabulous event. Hope that windy weather stays away and that the sun continues to shine :)

Sparkle said...

Tornado sirens - how scary! I am glad your staff was looking out for you, Tober! And I am glad you are looking out for them, by giving them the weather report by hanging out in your special stair spot.

Jo's World said...

Hi dear Tober!

It would be nice if we lived closer so that I might get to come to your Book Sales and other special events. Maybe I should have a Flat Zkhat made what do you think of that?

Be careful of those storms, we haven't even had a bad thunderstorm so far, we we have been OK.

Purrs and headbutts,
Ziva Zophia (aka Zkhat)

Mickle in NZ said...

You are so clever to sense that the weather was heading to haywireville.

Critters can also sense the coming of earthquakes .... except for Zebby Cat here who just sleeps through them then wonders why His human is fussing and checking he's okay.

I'm so relieved the nasty tornados ran away,

Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand

(Zebby is very busy snoring just now as he soaks up the warmth from the heater)

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

You are so good Tober! We would run and hide and Meowm would never find us to be able to take us to safety!!!

Glad you are enjoying Flat Cauli V's visit!

Cindy said...

Thank goodness nothing came of the sirens! Sounds like it was a fun night!